DIS Unplugged Podcast – 07/18/17 – Disney World Show

| July 18, 2017

In this episode, Whoopi Goldberg wants ‘Song of the South’ to be released, long-time Kermit the Frog performer was terminated by Disney, plus we give you a recap of the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California! Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.


07/18/17 – News + D23 Expo 2017 Recap: [Download Mp3]

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  • danlb_2000

    A few comments on the locations of things…
    Ratatouille is going on the empty plot of land between France and Morocco. This has been seen in construction permits and can also be seen in the concept art that was released. The whole backstage area behind France will become a themed area that will link to the ride. Again you can see this in the concept art.
    Guadians will re-use the existing UOE building for the queue and preshow, the actual ride will be in a new building behind it. This come from reliable sources and is supported by permits that were recently field.
    The Space restaurant is supposed to be going in a new structure built on the side of Mission:Space between it and Test Track. There is a good bit of room available there.
    The new MK theater is supposed to be going off of the new Main Street Bypass in what is now an employee parking log.

  • Sharon Scarbrough Merrill

    In regards to Song of the South, maybe we need to remember that Jams Baskett was awarded a special Oscar for the role of Uncle Remus. Remembering the friendship between Uncle Remus and the children. Remembering the wonderful stories of the Uncle Remus original stories, yes the language of the time was rough, but historically accurate in the book. We cannot erase our past history by denying what was, or removing books, movies or statues. We need these to remember what was, so that certain things are not repeated.

  • Eric M.

    July 25th video suggestions on cost savings! First off, love the channel, keep up the great work. D23 coverage was awesome! Ok, for cost savings, my wife and I always bring oatmeal packets down with us for breakfast! We never buy breakfast while on property unless we want to do a character breakfast for our son. We take our disposable coffee cups from our room down to the eating area or cafe at whatever hotel we stay at. They have hot water near the coffee machines and presto! Awesome healthy breakfast that’s fast and easy! The packs are nice and light, not difficult to pack and we don’t have to take them home!
    I’m sure everyone knows this one, but when we’re thirsty in the parks, we like to go to any Starbucks location and ask for ice water. They have the best, maybe because the Florida water is filtered for the coffee? Much better than buying the bottled water all the time!
    Hope this makes the next video! We’ll be down in September, I know, not the best time, but hope we run into you!
    Eric and Jenn M.

  • Toni B

    Re: ways to make Disney more affordable…my approach is not so much when I’m at the parks because that is my once a year vacation and I live it up!…I work hard all year to get there so I love to buy fun drinks and great meals once I’m there…my strategy is finding creative ways to save money all year long…it becomes a game, an obsession, something I’m always thinking about.

    *I use simple daily/weekly savings plan charts…you can find them on pintrest…ways to save $1000 in 6mos…ways to save up $600 in change starting with pennies…etc…it becomes a habit saving change and small amounts of cash on a regular or daily basis…it adds up over time and does take time but very rewarding when I have that extra money in the end that I didnt even notice missing from my budget.

    *I sell stuff on Ebay…clothes, toys, electronics, video games, really anything…I save that Paypal money and after a year it is always a healthy amount

    * I use shopping rebate programs like Ebates, Ibotta, and Checkout 51…Ebates is my favorite…I do most of my shopping on line and love to watch my Ebates account grow…its amazing!…the other 2 are grocery rebates where you submit your grocery receipt and get rebates back on grocery items that are in the program…its put into an account and you can cash out whenever you want to…I easily earn an extra $300-400 per year just doing that!

    *I purchase Disney gift cards at Target in $300 increments when I have saved money up…everyone knows with a Target card (can be debit not charge) you get 5% off…I save the cards all year and its amazing how I am able to gather 5 or 6 of them without feeling the pain of paying all that money at once

    *I have a garage sale…pain in the butt no one likes to do it…but our neighborhood hosts sales twice a year and they are very well attended in our area…I make myself participate and I’ve never regretted it…even if I only make $200-$300 (worst case senario) its still bonus money for my Disney fund for one Saturday morning of work

    I look at everything like “ok what can I do to pay for one night’s stay…or one character meal”…when I break it down into small parts it is manageable and realistic…adds up over time.

    I’m always thinking of small ways to earn or save up money all year long!