DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/09/16 – Disney World Show

| August 9, 2016

In this episode, Disney patents foot tracking technology to track guests, Imagineers are laid off after the opening of Shanghai Disney and we will give you our review of Flying Fish! Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.


08/09/16 – News + Flying Fish Review:

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Show Notes:




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  • Keith Henninger

    When it comes to the foot tracking, I think we need to look at some of the big picture here. First, even though Disney says they are not tracking our Magic Bands, they are some what back handedly through ride tracking. If you enter Seven Dwarfs ride with a Magic band and you have Memory Maker, your photos are put into your photos with nothing from you. Now you go on Haunted Mansion and they put your name on a headstone in the hitch hiking scene based on your band. These are all tracking you getting on a ride based on your band, so it is happening.
    Second we have to look beyond the magic band. Disneyland decided not to use the band. Shanghai opted not to use the bands as they felt guest would rather use their phones. I think this is a sign that the magic band will come to an end since it is not be adopted further than Disney World, so I can only image that this is one of several ways they are working up to track guest without the band.

  • Lisa

    The review of the restaurant left out anything vegetarian. I didn’t even hear a mention of it. Does the restaurant offer any? I’d bet there are at least some in your audience who do not eat any meat or seafood. (And the jokes about hoofprints were just gross)

  • Keith Henninger

    I will say with a lot of Disney Restaurants, they do have special dietary menus for Gluten Free and Vegan, so just because you do not see it on the main menu, does not mean the do not have more to offer some times.

  • Lisa

    We are not gluten free or vegan (not the same as vegetarian). It may be that there is a “special” menu but our vegetarian family looks at menus online first to see if a restaurant has enough for us. The absence of any vegetarian online information means we will never go there. I would wager a bet we are not alone. And, really why can’t the restaurant have one vegetarian item on the menu? There are many vegetarians for religious, preference or animal rights reasons and the number is growing.

  • The Captain of the Infield

    I bet you are fun at parties.