DIS Unplugged Podcast – 01/19/16 – Disney World Show

| January 19, 2016

In this week’s episode, we discuss Disney’s Hollywood Studios progress towards being a ghost town, Bob Weis is named President of Walt Disney Imagineering, and a new offer has been released for WDW vacations this summer. Also, John and Kevin have their review of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. All this and more on this week’s edition of The DIS Unplugged. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.


01/19/16 – News + Tony’s Town Square Restaurant:

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01/19/16 – Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Excerpt):

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Show Notes:




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  • Kim Armour

    Pete, I do value your opinion! That’s why I listen to the show. Thanks for reviewing Tony’s. I’ve been on the fence about dining there, only because I love Lady and the Tramp. A trip to Disney is already expensive enough, without wasting money on a crappy meal.

  • Hillary

    You briefly mentioned parade viewing, what are your thoughts about using a Tony’s reservation as a way to get reserved seating for the afternoon parade (when the Fastpass for the parade is filled up for the day)? An adult and two children that would just order two children’s meals?

  • Evelyn Mayer

    I agree completely with your review of Tony’s Town Square. I have been there twice and both meals were horrible. The first visit we choice it for the location to view the nighttime parade and the food was tasteless. The second visit my kids insisted we go for pasta and all of the dishes were cold and greasy. My lasagna was like a brick. I will never go back to Tony’s and not recommend it to anyone

  • Michelle Bergeron Mcgrath

    I’ve been to Disney six times in the past 17 years and have had my best meal about ten years ago and worst meal three years ago at Tony’s. last year we didn’t want to waste a meal there. from your report it seems i made the right choice. as far as the comments on dinning reservation we would hate to have to wait until that day to book our meal. our whole trip (parks ,times,days) revolves around where we are going to eat our big meal for the day. one year we left a few days with meals left up in the air and it was a horrible hungry walk around the park looking for a place to eat. the only part of our trip that is set in stone is we will eat (here) at (this time) be there. if i had to get up early and rush to the park to get the reservation i wanted that night then head out to the park i want to spent my day at it would ruin my vacation.

  • Jason Robb

    It is really unfortunate….I think the DIS team nailed it on the head! We took a LAST minute trip over last November. I wanted to throw in some table meals and this was the only one I could pick up. I kept a VERY open mind…..but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw STICKERS on the windows. Look at ALL the details on main street…..how can they allow faded stickers to serve as stained glass windows? I should have known what was coming ahead of time! We had the cannelloni and my DS had the kids grilled cheese with marinara sauce. Pete nailed it when he said the worst part is that they have to know who bad it is, but they let it stay this way.

    Could you IMAGINE how could this restaurant COULD BE? Its a restaurant based on LADY AND THE TRAMP?!?! IT COULD BE AN ICON! COMPLETE missed opportunity…… :-(

  • http://www.sunshinestatetourist.com Cass

    The red sauce and the flatbread pizza look exactly like what we received at Pinocchio Village Haus the other night. You got quick service food at a table service restaurant! :(