Dreams Unlimited Travel Show – 01/04/16

| January 4, 2016

In the very first episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Show, the panel discusses the background of Dreams Unlimited Travel, current promotions and upcoming trips! Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.


01/04/16 – Dreams Unlimited Travel Show:

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Show Notes:

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  • MikeScott8

    so where is the RSS feed to subscribe to this “podcast”?


  • Julie F

    Do you book vacations for Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong, Japan??

  • Mc Kenna

    Very good presentation – and lots of information.
    I’ll tell you…I haven’t used a travel agent because I thought it cost a premium to use one. I thought their pay came from fees they charged ME. I didn’t know that I could do much of adding input..I thought it was more “this is what YOU will be doing – no substitutions, no requests” <- and that wasn't how I wanted to vacation. I also didn't think that an agent would FURTHER look for discounts or even OFFER discounts that were available.
    In short – I thought going with a travel agent would cost me mega-bucks and get me what I didn't necessarily want. I thought the only way to get something customized to my tastes was to do it myself and HOPE I was doing it well.
    You taught me a LOT. Thanks! (Looking forward to more episodes!!)

  • alexvelascom

    Great show! Quite informative. I have just one question, why was Pete so stiff? He seemed like a teen’s first day at a new school nervous, jajaja. God bless.

  • Craig Williams

    Sorry, we’ll add the RSS feed, but for the time being it is http://www.disunplugged.com/podcast-dreams.xml

  • MikeScott8

    THANKS! now if I had one for the “daily fix” as well! LOL