DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/04/15 – Disney World Show

| August 4, 2015

In this week’s show the Disney Channel original movie ‘The Descendants’ draws a huge audience, Disneyland Paris is being investigated for overcharging foreign guests, and we have the top 10 threads from DISboards.com for the month of July. Plus, we talk about our recent DIS exclusive Adventures by Disney trip to San Francisco and Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration. All this and more on this week’s edition of The DIS Unplugged. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.


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08/04/15 – Disneyland’s 60th and San Francisco ABD: [Download Mp3]

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Top Ten DISboards.com Threads for July:

2015 DIS Meets for Give Kids The World:

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  • Sabrina Fair

    The Trip – The Titanic – hard experience to put into words. You guys did a great job. So sorry you guys had to endure the bad jokes and attitude. I saw the Titanic in another city a few years ago and felt like it was a tribute to those who perished. Visitors treated this historic display somberly, much like our visit to the Arizona Memorial on Oahu. ( I know terribly different circumstances …yet the same.). We did the self tour. It is depressing no matter how you view it.
    You didn’t talk about the men from the furnace rooms. They impressed me the most. They shoveled and maintained the furnaces even as the ship sank to keep whatever momentum there was to help the ship stay afloat longer and until water entered their room. If I remember correctly, everyone of them survived. Because of the strength in their arms and physical endurance built up from shoveling coal, they were able to swim out to the boats and hang on to the edge while continuing to dog paddle or whatever to keep from getting hyperthermia. Some of them found places in the boats that weren’t full. Amazing men in my book!
    There also was a lot of staff around to answer any questions you may have had. I was told that there are several Titanics and the artifacts rotate among them yearly. There is also a warehouse that stores the artifacts that won’t fit in the existing “museums”. Of course, this info is a few years old and may have changed. But that was their reasoning for return visits.

  • Jaymie Goddard

    Thank you for speaking up regarding the tragic drowning of that little boy. I agree with Kevin that empathy is lacking. I checked that thread just to see if there was more information regarding the incident and was appalled at what I was reading.