DIS Unplugged Podcast – 05/22/15 – 7in7+ Disneyland Park & Disneyland Hotel

| May 22, 2015

Today we give you our overviews of Disneyland Park and the Disneyland Hotel as part of our 7in7+ Disneyland series. We’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort by giving you a look at all the things you can do and places you can stay during a Southern California vacation. Disneyland Park is where it all started and it’s our first stop of the celebration along with our second stop, the Disneyland Hotel.

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05/22/15 – 7in7+ Disneyland Park: [Download Mp3]

05/22/15 – 7in7+ Disneyland Hotel: [Download Mp3]


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I'm the Director of Video and New Media for The DIS and the Producer of The DIS Unplugged. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011 and promptly moved to Florida. I've been here ever since!
  • August “Gus” Greenwell

    Wow, great job guys! Thank you! I always love to hear the Orlando teams take on what is going on out here on the left coast. I was at the DLR for the 24 hour party, the best time I’ve ever had at the resort, I will definitely go again next year. The new shows are amazing and the new Abominable Snowman and Hat Box ghost are really cool, although I am concerned about the fate of Harold (the older Abominable that got replaced). I wonder what they did with him?? Maybe put him in the old ticket booth out front, that would be awesome. The new guys roar isn’t quite as good. I’d like to do a t shirt that says “What have you done with Harold?”, on the back. “)

    The giant “Wilma Flintstone Diamond” style ice cubes in the Carthy Circle bar and probably Club 33 are magical, fantastic and fun, and I’m sure Pete will love them, just from that neck chain and ring he had on the broadcast today, which rock!

    I noticed in the podcast some challenges finding some of the better terms that describe the different feel that Disneyland has over the Magic Kingdom. The ones I use to explain those differences are that Disneyland has much more texture, charm, and intimacy and feels like a richer experience, than Florida. Florida is great for so many reasons, but the 6 giant topiary ficus trees outside to the right of the Small World entrance in California are one of the better examples of the attention payed to the detail of “the show” at Disneyland. When you look at them up close you realize those trees have been there a long time, but the best view of them is after the exit on the platform before you drop down to the gift shop. I’m a huge gardener geek, but one of my other favorite trees at the DLR is the giant 100+ year old palm tree in front of the Jungle Cruise, they need to give it some love with a sign or something, but that tree was a wedding gift to the Ortegas, who owned the orange grove and then sold the land to Walt, as part of the deal with Walt, that tree was to stay in tact and in place. I always pay my respects to the tree when I’m there. Maybe a bit rambly, but still part of Disney history, so maybe not. “)

    Thanks again guys for all the coverage of “my” park. Have a great weekend!

  • Mark Kasperowicz

    In your Disneyland podcast, you guys aren’t sure whether Magic Kingdom in WDW has any rocking chairs. It does! As you pass under the Main Street Walt Disney World Railroad station, you’ll find the “Town Square Theater” on your right (formerly Town Square Exposition Hall). The porch outside of the “Theater” has a number of nifty rocking chairs to relax on. This is our family’s meeting place at the end of the day, and our parent’s second favorite place to sit, next to their perch atop the elevated Main Street WDW Railroad station. They love that perch to watch the parades! I believe Liberty Square and Frontierland still have rocking chairs. And outside Magic at our favorite hotel, the Beach Club specializes in rocking chairs!

    Love your content, your team, your podcasts and your passion. I run every morning and walk every night and always listen to your content for the latest scoop. Well done to everyone!

  • Mary Jo Mellado Willey

    I always give a nod to the palm tree, too, as well as some other special touches at Disneyland. :)


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