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| December 12, 2013

In this week’s show, the team discusses this week’s Disneyland news, plus Tony reviews the Carthay Circle Restaurant and Mary Jo chats with author Joe Cosgrove. To get in touch with the Disneyland team, check out our contact page.


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Carthay Circle Restaurant

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Joe Cosgrove

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  • Craig Edward Andrews

    Le matériau choisi pour produire les sacs à main est également une question essentielle de l’examen. Sacs à main modernes sont fabriqués à partir de cuir, coton, velours, sisal et un certain nombre d’autres matériaux naturels et synthétiques.


  • McKenzie McGehee

    After listening to the Carthay Circle review, I must disagree with it being super outstanding. I have had 2 meals at Carthay Circle and each has been different. During my first visit, we went for Dapper Day and it was a really perfect setting, both the person who brought us to our table and our waiter were outstanding and attentive. The meal was perfectly timed and the food was good, but not great. My friends however both raved about their meals.
    This last experience on December 7th, was just … different. We arrived for dinner (non-World of Color) and they were turning away regular guests, but we had reservations. We checked in and they invited us to have a seat, and we glanced over the drink menu just in time to be taken upstairs. On our last visit, they gave us almost like a mini-tour on our way up to our table, this time was just a normal showing to our seats. Not a big deal, but last time was a nice bonus.
    We sat down and our waitress told us about the chef having a new menu for the season and telling us about a few things on the menu and then asked “Is there anything else I can do for you?” “Can we get drinks?” to which our waitress replied “I’m sorry, we don’t serve drinks up here in the dining room, those are for the lounge only. If someone happened to leave a menu up here, I’ll see what I can do, but otherwise we can’t.” it was just a little off-putting.
    she returned a few minutes later with a drink menu. We look over the menu and we both ordered the Pineapple Martini (which was very good and quite strong). I ordered the Spanish Pimentos – with Chorizo, Mahon Cheese, Pine Nuts and Sherry Vinaigrette to start, and honestly I had no idea what I was ordering… about the only word I recognized was pine nuts but I went for it. I am so glad I tried them, because they were incredible! I actually wish I had just ordered more of that because my entree of Sauteed Squash Raviolis – Forest Mushrooms, Savoy Cabbage and Imported Truffle Butte was a bit disappointing. The Raviolis were a bit tough and only okay in taste.
    After we had finished eating it took forever for our waitress to come back, she asked us if we wanted dessert and we gave an enthusiastic “Yes” but it took so long for her to come back with the menu that we were just ready to go by that point. We also sat there for a long time waiting for the check. The atmosphere of Carthay Circle in unbeatable, the food is only so-so, for a sit down restaurant it’s on the lower end for me. I would much rather go to Wine Country Trattoria. The drinks are always good but poured heavy, so be prepared! (this isn’t a complaint) my main issue with Carthay is service, I understand that they are supposed to create a 2hr dining experience but it seems like things aren’t really timed appropriately. I am always done eating and then sitting in front of my empty plate for too long.
    I always leave so conflicted. I really want Carthay to be as incredible as the review that was given, but I have always left wishing it was up to par with the atmosphere.