DIS Unplugged Podcast – 10/21/13 – Ladies Only

| October 21, 2013

In a special edition of The DIS Unplugged, we bring you another Ladies Only Show! Julie, Teresa, Kathy and Leah talk about some of the Fall festivities at WDW and some of their traditions from this time of year. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page.

Audio Edition

10/21/13 – Ladies Only Show:
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I'm the Assistant Webmaster and Designer for The DIS and the Associate Producer for The DIS Unplugged podcast. I've lived in Florida for almost three years after graduating from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania in 2010. I am a former Walt Disney World Cast Member and spent almost four years on Main Street U.S.A.
  • disgusted

    not sure why this is labeled “disgusted” as I am not. My frustration is with incompetent cast members. People who are working the desk at a hotel and can’t figure out how to do it – taking an hour. Or the bus driver who got lost. I agree that I have not seen nasty cast members.

  • dbostedor3

    In the seven years I have been to WDW, I have had only one bad experience with a CM. It was brief, and we walked away from it before anything escalated. It was an experience that can be planned and avoided in future visits. This happened in September, 2013.

    We had a reservation at Be Our Guest on a night when MNSSHP was happening. We did not have tickets to the event, and our reservations were made with plenty of time in mind to eat and get out before the party. The place was packed, and our time allotment was destroyed. We had a great time and our server was great, but when we left, the party had just begun.

    My wife, a veteran of 22 years of visits to WDW, led us in a direction that would get us out of the park quickly and without much hassle. As we approached the Teacups ride, a CM approached us and asked if we had wristbands. We explained that we had just exited Be Our Guest and that we were headed out of the park. He repeated the question, and we answered no, but we were headed out… He interrupted our explanation with a resounding NO, followed by, “You must go that way” (pointing at the castle), and exit the park with everyone else.

    We walked away, upset that I had to drag my ADHD and autistic son through a sea of tens of thousands of guests, all trying to exit through a pre-designed path, built to handle maybe 2000-3000 people. It took us close to an hour to get out of the park, and by the time we had a little space around us, frustrations and anger at being treated like a criminal in the first place ensued.

    We weren’t hard-ticket-holders of the event, but we were there, with a receipt in hand, past the time we anticipated to be out of the park. If the CM would have taken the time to listen to us, we probably would have been out of the park quicker and easier. My son fared better than I expected, but it could have been worse.


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