DIS Unplugged Podcast – 10/17/13 – Disneyland Show

| October 17, 2013

In this week’s show, the team discusses this week’s Disneyland news, plus DISer Taylor Roberts talks about his popular trip report “We moved to Disneyland! Now what?” and Tony Spittell reviews the Blue Bayou restaurant. Check out our contact page.


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We moved to Disneyland!

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Blue Bayou

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  • Kimberly Medina

    I feel so badly for the Blue Bayou server. It sounds like he was dealing with a customer who was impossible to please. Thank you for bleeping his name on this unfair review. While I would have been irritated for waiting an hour to be seated (with an ADR that was not logged in properly), I would not have taken my frustration out on the server. All of the complaints he had are positives in my eyes. We love getting drinks quickly, especially if we waited a while for the table. Getting bread quickly while we wait for food is also great as we can all have a little something to hold us over while we wait. Being a server must be a hard job when there are people who get upset for bringing you drinks and bread too quickly and other people who get upset when they take too long. They cannot win. The servers not knowing about the menu sounds more like a management issue. If they are not given menu information in advance (as they should be), they can only do the best they can in trying to solve the problem. Going to ask someone else could take a long time, and there is no guarantee the next person would know either.

    The comment about the third dish is the ONLY real issue I heard regarding the service as I am sure he speaks English just fine. Some people have a hard time understanding accents, but that is not the servers fault. I think the server was either joking or thought the diner legitimately ordered an extra one by mistake, since he was bombarded by 10 million questions. There is no way he had a problem with them ordering a third entree!

    I know Tom said the reviewer was not high maintenance, but he did not come off that way in that 30 minute gripe about nothing.