Saying Goodbye to the Main Street Bakery (As We Knew It)

| January 10, 2013

It will be a sad day for many when the current Main Street Bakery closes on January 12, 2013. Walt Disney World has plans to turn this into a Starbucks location that will open May 7, 2013.

If you weren’t aware of the coming changes, you might want to read this blog. Many people have strong feelings about what Disney plans to do with this location.  Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom has a special feel to it.  You can really feel Walt Disney’s vision for what a small town Main Street should be. For many guests, they have a favorite sweet or sandwich here that will be missed. Others hate to see change to a favorite tradition when they enter the Magic Kingdom.  I am going to go out on a limb and say let’s wait until we see what happens before deciding if this was a bad change or a good one.

I for one always enjoyed their giant cinnamon roll.  It was often my first stop of the day to get one and sit outside and just people watch. I haven’t tried the cinnamon roll back at Gaston’s Tavern yet so I have something to look forward to. What new treats will they offer when Starbucks takes over this space?  What will the theming be like? Will I feel like I am at Disney World, where I can forget about the outside world or will I feel like I am in a Starbucks that could be anywhere?

If you had the chance to visit before they closed, I hope you were able to enjoy all your favorites. I have my fond memories to keep me company while they refurbish this area.  I can remember at Downtown Disney when they closed the food location to build what would become the Earl of Sandwich.  So many were upset that that store was going away and said they would never patronize the new Earl of Sandwich.  I can’t even remember the name of that place now but I sure do enjoy the Earl of Sandwich and so do many others. I am looking forward to finding new favorites when the Main Street Bakery with Starbucks reopens.  How do you feel about this change? Let us know. I will be anxiously awaiting this change and will report back when it reopens.

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  • Indianahitman

    I visited the Main Street Bakery for the first time when I visited the park back in December. We were on our way out of the park close to 2 AM since there had been extra magic hours for the Magic Kingdom. I got the cinnamon roll to have for breakfast the next morning. I couldn’t believe how light it was (and wished I had another one.) After that experience I wish Disney would reconsider what they are going to do. Bring in the Starbucks coffee but keep the other products in the bakery.

  • cherokeemamma

    Thank you so, so much for posting the pictures. I gasped when I read the headline and realized that Sat. the MSB will be closing. Wow! Time moves quickly doesn’t it? I am very hopeful that Disney does the right thing and keeps the look, feel and most of the yummy goodies that we all love. However, I am very concerned that on my next visit, which will hopefully be May, our beloved bakery will be unrecognizable.

  • castawayjp

    I think that some people are getting bent out of shape about this prematurely. The Starbucks that they opened in California Adventure would not even be recognized as as one if you we’re dropped inside without seeing the small sign outside. I really think we should trust Disney on this and see what they have in store for the MSB.

  • beccy1606

    I don’t mind starbucks coffee, or even if they change the decor inside, but my main concern (seemingly like most others) is that they get rid of our favourite treats! Particularly Disney themed things e.g. Mickey shaped cookies etc.

    If they can integrate the two things, it could be really good! :-P

  • Kellykins

    I’ll just be glad to go into a Starbucks where all the employees aren’t tatooed with metal in their tongues, noses, and eyebrows. In our area, you apparently can’t work there unless you look like a circus freak.

  • davidls47

    I am with the majority here. When my wife and our son came down to WDW on our first visit back in early 1972, we ate our first breakfast at the Main Street Bakery. Back then Disney let you onto Main Street. they had a rope up to keep you from going back into the different lands. Each and every visit since then we have always stopped at the bakery to have our favorite pastery. It will be sad to see the change. Like allot of others have said, changing over to a Starbucks will not be keeping with Walt’s idea of the turn of the century main street. I hope they do not make any major changes to the bakery, as it will lose the feel of Walt’s idea. Some things just should not change. Change is not “always” for the better.

  • reecernNC

    I agree with the author and castawayjp, let’s give Disney the chance to wow us. I am a nostalgic kind of guy, don’t get me wrong. I believe in perserving the small town feel, and I think, at least I hope, that the wonderful minds at Disney will not disappoint. Now as far as the favorite treat things go, HERE HERE! Replacing the wonderful MSB fare with pre-packaged oatmeal and mass produced pastires would be a catastrophie! But, again, if ANY reno project member has heard the outcry of the masses, I’d be willing to bet your favorite treats will be warm and waiting on you upon your next magical visit to WDW!

  • yankeesmac

    I have visited WDW more times that I can count. I like most of you fellow Disney fanatics, love to hear about the ever changing,innovative ways the imagineers keep the magic alive. I must admit when I heard Starbucks was making it’s home on the most sacred of streets I was a bit nervous. I had vivid memories of when the golden arches first appeared in Downtown Disney. So… I took a deep breath and put my faith back in the Magic. I agree with castawayjp and reecernNC, we will not be let down! Only Disney can transform the java superpower. Besides, where else on this planet could you find a barista wearing Micky ears?

  • bobbie22

    I am so disappointed, What does Starbucks have to do with the Boardwalk atmosphere?? I can see it downtown but as part of the Boardwalk.. It will feel like the Mall… SHAME ON DISNEY down grading the Boardwalk

  • bobbie22

    Sorry I miss read the article. But still disappointed that Starbucks will replace it

  • missynole

    “What new treats will they offer when Starbucks takes over this space? What will the theming be like?” It’s a Starbucks! What kind of treats do you think they will have? Please, come on…Starbucks is on every corner in America. Well unless you live in a tiny town, then you just fly into a neighborhood airport and you can get a Starbucks “treat” on your way down to Orlando. Better yet, hit the Starbucks in the Orlando airport, then you can skip the one on Main Street and go right to the rides!