December Construction Update for Disney’s Magic Kingdom

| December 8, 2012

Video: New Fantasyland opening

I am thrilled to report that most of the walls have come down for the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  I first reported on the construction walls going up back in 2010.  I am not a patient person so this seemed like an eternity to me.

There are still a couple of attractions left to be finished in Fantasyland so we still have things to look forward to. If I haven’t said it before I think the Imagineers did a great job with the new Fantasyland!!

The Seven Dwarfs mine train will open in 2014. A hole has been cut in the wall so you can watch the construction.  It’s a pretty clever idea and a departure from what Disney usually does.  They usually don’t let you see anything until it is all done.

The Princess Fairy Tale Hall ( former location of Snow White’s Scary Adventure) is scheduled to open late in 2013. This will be a meet and greet location for the Princesses.

They are also still working on a new entrance into Fantasyland down by the former Skyway station across from Columbia Harbor House. They are also building new bathrooms in this area and there will be a new meet and greet area also.

The park looks beautiful.  It will be great once all the construction walls are down but I can’t wait to go over and play in the new Fantasyland!  How about you?

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  • colachief

    Wow, I had no idea they were shutting down the Snow White ride! We were just in Disney at the end of May; we must have been some of the last people to get to ride it.

  • Jeff

    Consider it a Snow White upgrade, where I imagine you might see some renascences of the old ride as you zip around the new ride in 2014.
    Now they need to do the same thing with Peter Pan:
    Build a NEW Peter Pan attraction…a bit bigger, longer, more extravagant and with DUAL tracks BEHIND the new Fantasyland along with the originally planned, Pixie Hollow, especially considering the continued Tinkerbell video releases. Both would EASILY fit BEHIND the new Fantasyland and could be built behind the scenes. After checking out the new Fantasyland (and aerial maps), the restrooms at the end of Belle’s town could be redesigned so that the town continues back farther (the town’s too small anyway), maybe adding a small book shop (you think?)? They’d have to add another road bridge to eliminate the road behind the area, and tunnel the train, otherwise the area behind is huge and would easily fit a new attraction and and an expanded Pixie Hollow…gosh, there’d probably be enough room for another Mr. Toad and Belle’s town could magically turn into early London.
    And with a dual track Peter Pan (same ride each track like Mr. Toad was) the ongoing popularity could be possibly met. Then Pan’s existing space (and it’s restrooms) could be used for a new dark attraction (which we need more of), like Princess and the Frog.
    The budget for the Plusing of the Peter Pan queue then could be put towards the NEW Peter Pan.
    The Peter Pan ride will continue to disappoint guests with it’s inadequate ride capacity and more-so as park attendance increases as a result of the additional area created by the new Fantasyland. This idea would solve that (and then some), modernize Pan, place Pan in a same themed area near Pixie Hollow and drive guests to the back of the park. DO IT DISNEY.

  • jesscahens

    I love everything about the above comment well done!