Downtown Disney Marketplace welcomes 2 new stores

| April 28, 2011

The Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World recently welcomed two new stores and an expansion of the Lego Imagination Center.  Visitors will appreciate the large expansion at the Lego Imagination Center. If you have missed the old Mickey’s Mart where you could find gifts for less than $10, you will love the new Marketplace Fun Finds.

We were excited to check out the expansion of the Lego Imagination Center.  That area has always been so crowded.  The first thing we noticed is that the outside play area is around the side of the building nearest World of Disney now.

They have added new displays outside for you to enjoy.

One of the displays from the “old” store is still there too!

When we visited we were greeted by a number of employees asking us if we needed help.  That will be very helpful when the store gets busy. One thing we did notice was that there really weren’t any kits marketed for girls.

One of our favorite stores that was on the West Side of Downtown Disney is little miss matched.  They have relocated to the Marketplace in the area that used to be Pooh’s Corner and Summer Sands. The new store seems larger and definitely has a larger merchandise selection.

The former Mickey’s Mart, home of gifts for less than $10, is now Marketplace Fun Finds and has moved in next door to Little Miss Matched. It is a much larger area and now has gifts for up to $25.

I think that these new additions to the Marketplace are great!  I am sure it will be more crowded but there are now plenty of stores to browse and enjoy.  Let me know what you think when you visit.

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  • mommyceratops

    Thanks so much! If you could only hear the screams of Lego excitement from my boys!

  • caribear

    Looks like a nice addition! One question though…is the slide/play structure still by the Lego store?? Thanks!

  • Kathy Werling

    There is no slide now. It is just the area under cover nearest the World of Disney Store.

  • GPhilbyKFinn

    I’ve heard that they are taking out the Mcdonalds next to it is that true? and if so what is taking it’s place?

  • GPhilbyKFinn

    Oh I almost forgot I love the new characters made out of Legos in the pictures. When did they do that? Thanks

  • Kathy Werling
  • GPhilbyKFinn

    Thanks! I’m going back to Disney World probaly in July of 2012 so need to make sure I eat the restraunt and see the new lego stuff.

  • Wilmayxi042

    Make the old Mickey D’s building into the station for a roller coaster!!!!!!!!

    Disney is a coaster phobic though.

  • resorts360opportunity

    Thanks for the info on the Lego Attraction. My kids are going to love it.