Video: Talking Mickey Mouse Makes His Magic Kingdom Debut

| March 6, 2011

Disneyland tested a talking version of Mickey Mouse in California last summer.  Walt Disney World fans have wondered if this talking version of Mickey Mouse would also be appearing sometime in Florida.  Friend of the DIS, Mike Holland (DISboards name k5jmh) captured video on Friday, March 4th of the new “talking” version of Mickey Mouse appearing during the opening welcome show at the Magic Kingdom.  Continue after the break to see the video. 

Video of the “talking” Mickey Mouse in the welcome show with blinking eyes, a mouth that opens and closes, and a wiggling nose when he talks. 

Compare with video shot during the opening show in December 2010.  Mickey Mouse appears roughly halfway through the video.

So what do you think of the new “talking” Mickey Mouse?  Are you interested in this updated version?  Are you hoping a talking Mickey Mouse will be used for the new Main Street U.S.A. meet and greet location in the Town Square Theater?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  Thank you to Mike Holland for the use of his video.

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  • mommyceratops

    I think it is cool! I hope to see the talking Mickey Mouse in the parks soon!

  • ssanders79

    The “talking/animated” Fab 5 have been part of the Dream-Along With Mickey show in front of Cinderella’s castle for some time now.

  • K5JMH

    I think this is the next step in the “Next Gen” initiative by Disney. I think that most live stage shows will eventually have “animated” characters in the future. I think Dave is making the logical jump. Disney will take this next step and move it to the meet and greet like they have tested in California. When I saw the Talking Mickey at the “Welcome show” tells me that WDW is really going to be pushing the same technology that powers Crush in EPCOT and the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

  • skier_pete

    Yeah, sorry…this isn’t the same as the “talking Mickey” at Disneyland. This is the same articulated Mickey as has been in “Dream along with Mickey” for about 2 years. (An also used in Festival of the Lion Kings “Timon”.) There’s a big difference between him moving his mouth along to a prerecorded voice and actually talking directly to people, though it’s nice they added it to this show. I actually wonder why this took so long to get to the welcome show…but glad to see it there.

  • ncavey

    I have to say the same thing as skier_pete it’s close but not the same I think it’s a start maybe in his new home on Main street he’ll surprise everyone and talk like he did at Disneyland

  • K5JMH

    I think that in the context of the show he is a “talking Mickey.” He is not an interactive Mickey. I think that all of the Mickey’s in all of the shows will be talking Mickeys and the curious notion of Fast Passes for a Meet and Greet makes me think that the Meet and Greet could be an “E-Ticket” type event of meeting an interactive Mickey.

  • Bizzimommi

    We just got home from a magical week at Walt Disney World! At the magic kingdom they had a show with ALL talking blinking characters at the castle a few times each day! It was AMAZING!