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| December 3, 2010

I’ve been playing Epic Mickey, Disney Interactive’s newest video game, pretty much non-stop for the last two days. While I am definitely addicted to the game, I have to say that I find some aspects of it absolutely maddening – namely issues with the camera angles. Here are two very different reviews on the game – I give my overall impressions at the end.



There is no doubt that this is an ambitious game. Several ‘game styles’ are brought together in a very unique way and the entire concept – lost and forgotten Disney characters and attractions – is sure to appeal to the ardent Disney fan. However, this game is not without its flaws. The camera angles in the game are nothing short of maddening. You spend a great deal of time trying (and dying) to get the right angle on the screen especially when fighting off enemies. That’s another issue I have – you’re CONSTANTLY fighting off enemies here – especially as you delve deeper into the game, it becomes a non-stop onslaught of battle after battle sometimes with enemies coming seemingly out of nowhere. The desire to explore the game’s environments and discover its hidden gems gives way to battle after battle after battle to the point where you just want to walk away and give up. I’m all for games being challenging, but this borders on ridiculous, especially if you’re a casual gamer like me who doesn’t normally have the time or inclination to spend hours on end fighting off the same enemies time after time.

With all that said, I have to admit that in spite of the game’s glaring issues, as a Disney fan I’m really enjoying it, and because of its perpetual homage to Disney’s rich legacy and the creative way that the various game play styles are woven together in this, I’m willing to give it a great deal of lee-way. Some people on our forums have expressed concerns that the game tends towards the ‘darker’ side – with disembodied heads of popular Disney characters featured at points in the game, and discussions of the game’s ‘violence’ factor. These fears are, in my opinion, completely unfounded. The game is not especially ‘violent’, and its dark nature is central to the story line. Yes, you see decrepit versions of popular attractions, but when considered in the grand scheme of the storyline, this is where the most charming aspects of this game are found. And it’s not like Disney’s history isn’t replete with dark story telling – Snow White gets POISONED, Bambi’s mother gets SHOT, Simba’s father gets TRAMPLED – you get the idea. In all of these instances there is a greater message to the overall story, and that is certainly the case here with Epic Mickey. Much of the game play is based on making decisions to do good or not do good, to save a friend or not save him. There’s a moral to the story – assuming of course you can navigate the game’s challenges without throwing your TV out a window.

Should you buy this game? Yes, especially if you’re a Disney fan. Should you make sure you have a 7 year old on hand to tell you how to play it and to take over when the frustration reaches a point that you feel the need to self-medicate – ABSOLUTELY.


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  • irishdadx4

    Great Review Pete…I can see your points…although I haven’t played the game yet, I can see where the game designers might have followed in the path of other similar games (non Disney) and made it a combat-fest. I can see where that would be very tiring…especially when it comes to Disney fans…and Disney park fans in particular. We tend to celebrate the details..and look for the hidden gems. Kinda hard to do that, when as you say you are constantly fighting off the same enemies. Hopefully “cheat” codes will be published that allow one to dial back the “attack” scenarios and allow for a more detailed exploration of the Epic Mickey environment. It sounds and looks like it would be a wonderful world to explore. I love the idea of having to choose your path….your moral road so to speak. Maybe it will help instill a sense of moral right in people…providing a game that offers rewards when one chooses the path of “good”, instead of the steady stream of games lately that seems to celebrate and reward darker actions on the part of the game players. Thanks again for your makes me want the game even more now.

  • irishdadx4

    Oh..and I’ll be sure to keep my kids handy while playing…I still have trouble with more then one button on the controller…I am such an 80′s child—-give me my Atari

  • SueM in MN

    I’m all thumbs on wii games. Need someone else in my family to get it and help me.

  • xipetotec

    From other reviews I’ve read, the Camera Angle issue seems to be its biggest issue. Other than that, it sounds like a ton of fun, and I want this game!!

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  • LilGMom

    I’m hoping that I don’t have to fight my 9 year old for the controller when we get this game but it sounds like I might want to keep him handy.

  • ragtopday

    I want to play it! It sounds like you might not have the chance to actually enjoy some of the “Disney-ness” of it if you’re always fighting off the bad guys though. I wouldn’t even call myself a gamer, so I better keep my 9 and 6 year olds handy!

  • NikkiBell

    Cannot wait to get this!!!! Santa, hurry up!

  • OKW Lover

    Fortunately I have a grandson that can teach me how to play this game. ;)

  • momlvsgoofy

    Thanks for the head up Pete, I will make sure my grandson is around when I play. The game looks great!

  • Disney_Kayla

    Thanks for the review.
    I’m pretty used to dealing with combat-filled games. I think even in Kingdom Hearts I was facing the heartless with every step I took, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for me!

  • ricketts0

    Thanks for the review, Pete. I’m really looking forward to getting this game soon. As a gamer, Disney fan, and father, I agree with you in that I think there’s a largely untapped market out there for Disney games that cater to more hardcore gamers and yet feature classic Disney characters. I hope this is just a step towards that direction. Have fun on the cruise!

  • Cyrano

    Sounds like we have made a good choice for our 9 year olds Christmas stocking.

  • zendisney

    It seems that this game is living up to a Disney seal of approval. I was listening to the podcast and had to agree Toy Story was a dud. I was really disappointed in it because of all the hype. I even got to purchase it early at D23 Expo. It seems like this game is a lot more fun and graphics, surprises, and holds true to Disney’s ability to develop a story and put it all together. I have to say that is one of the many things that keeps me coming back. Disney for life.

  • sunshinegurl64

    thanks for keeping the interest going. I enjoyed Gamespots review – not for the negativity, but for the great sequences that are included. Mickey looks awesome! I agree with Disney Kayla with her comparison to Kingdom Hearts. Are there any opinions concerning the paintbrush controller?

  • smurphy0391

    looks awesome cant wait to try it out!




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