Epic Mickey logo ears and warren

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Epic Mickey logo ears and warren
  • erinbwa

    What an awesome way to interact with the history of disney animation! Thanks for the interesting article!

  • mandkk

    Excellent article! It’s great to know a little more about the mind behind the “Epic” game. Now I can’t wait to get a copy and see it (and play it) for myself!

  • bladenlacey

    Great article. I want this game!

  • Bernadette1111

    My four children have been asking for this game … but it’s me that really wants it! :D Merry Christmas Disney!

  • firsttimer03

    I personally cannot wait to get this game!!! Looks like a real adventure.

  • manhattan

    My son asked me if I had seen this, my reply was, Of Course! My kids having been dropping hints about what I may want for Christmas – this would be on my list! Great article – like always :-)