Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

| September 15, 2010

Last night was the start of the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  I love how the park seems to come alive with all the Halloween decorations.  The DIS Unplugged team spread out over the park to experience all the party had to offer.  You can hear our discussion on the September 16, 2010 episode of the DIS Unplugged podcast.

They have you enter the park on the right hand side.  When you go through the ticket turnstiles you will receive your all important wristband.  That is what allows you to stay in the park past closing time.  There were a lot of rumors about what time you would be able to enter the park for the party.  I am happy to report that we were allowed in after 4 pm.  In your rush to enjoy the party and park don’t forget to get your treat bag and special park map. They had a better assortment of candy this year than in years past.  If you have food allergies or are diabetic and require sugar free candy, etc., you can contact Disney ahead of time and they will have special treats at City Hall if you ask.  I think this is wonderful that they try to include everyone in the fun.

It’s a good idea to have a touring plan in advance to make the most of the evening.  We decided to mix it up this year and started on the left hand side of the park.  We headed off to Haunted Mansion since nothing says Halloween like this attraction.  We love the cast member sitting on the bench outside the ride.  Don’t be in a hurry to get into the ride; linger here and you will be entertained.

There are a number of candy stations throughout the park.  We headed off to the one by Splash Mountain.  It was a treat for me since we were in an area I had never seen before. By this time we went to stake out our spot for watching the Boo to You Parade.  They perform this parade twice during the Party and I suggest waiting for the second one as the crowds are normally smaller.

After the parade we went back to trick or treating. We did watch part of the Villains show.  It is performed several times a night.  It is not your typical Disney show. There were no princesses and happily ever after ending. If you are a fan of the Disney Villains, be sure to see this show. Be warned, your kids may find it a little intense.

Finally it was time for the HalloWishes Fireworks at 9:30 pm.  We had a great spot on Main Street to view them.  Note to self: bring a monopod for your camera if you are short. I have a number of fireworks pictures with other peoples video screens in them.  Also don’t get so involved in taking pictures that you don’t put down the camera for awhile. This fireworks show has some great perimeter fireworks that you may miss if you are just viewing the show through your camera.  Check out our video of the fireworks here.

Disney does have some party merchandise for sale in the Emporium on Main Street.

There is so much to see and do at the Halloween party.  We saw lots of great costumes! It is always amazing the lengths that some people will go to when creating their costumes. Are you going to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?  Let us know what you thought.  See you in the parks!

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  • jeanigor

    Great blog, Kathy! One quick question. You stated that diabetics can request some sugar free treats be set aside in City Hall. Whom at Disney would we contact for this to happen?

  • Kathy Werling
  • Snoopywoodstockus

    Great posting on MNSSHP, Kathy. I see on the map that Space Mountain isn’t listed as open. Do you know if it was open during MNSSHP. Great pictures and we look forward to attending in October.

  • Kathy Werling

    Yes Space Mountain was open. You will have a great time!

  • hayanyujah847

    Great blog & review! Thanks!

  • disneyfan19712006

    Kathy what type of camera did you use for the fireworks video? I need a new camera for our trip next week. Freat review I can’t wait til we go the the party on Oct. 1.

  • plb626

    Great info! Where is the best spot to watch the fireworks? I will have 2 children (7&5) along 2 grandparents 75+. Then plan on watching the 2nd parade.

  • Kathy Werling

    I didn’t take video. I use a Nikon D90.

  • Kathy Werling

    The best place to watch fireworks is on Main St. above Casey’s. That way you can see the perimeter fireworks also.

  • muffinator

    This year was a total blast. I was one of the people who dressed up! So much fun. My costume: http://www.flickr.com/photos/muffinlikeskorn/4999257995/

  • Kathy Werling

    Great costume muffinator!

  • dthoren0626

    My husband and I are going to Disney next week and are trying to decide whether going to this is worth it if you don’t have kids with you? Are any of the normal rides open, or is it just parades as well as trick-or-treating? Thanks for your help!

  • plb626

    Just got back from Disney. The Not So Scary Halloween event was FANTASTIC!!
    The kids got to go on a ton of rides, got lots of candy and had plenty of time for fireworks and the parade. What really impressed me was the cast members were moving non wristbanded people towards the exit. I thought if they were still in the park they would just wander around, even though I bet a bunch were still there for the 1st parade. The Headless horseman did go buy right on time, so make sure you are looking for him right in the beginning. We were in Frontier land, so we saw the 1st of the parade around 10:40.

    There were a lot of original costumes that really impressed me. The family dressed up as Disney Fast passes, made me laugh.


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