“Tangled” Tower added to Disneyland’s Fantasyland

| August 23, 2010

I am excited to see a Tower be built in Fantasyland.  Am I a geek?  Don’t answer that.  Seriously, though… Disney recently released the concept art for this amazing new character meet & greet location for Disney’s newest heroine, Rapunzel and her love interest, Flynn Ryder – bringing with it the first true architectural change to Disneyland’s Fantasyland since its 1983 makeover.    The tower will be a new addition and will tie the former outdoor queue area of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey into the small cottage, currently serving as Gepetto’s Candy Shoppe

Honestly, I think I’m excited, because the design brings such an architecturally compatible entry to the existing space.  It’s going to be extremely interesting to see, especially if they can truly pull off the concept drawing’s vision of the hair extending from the Tower to the Cottage.  That will be an amazing challenge – to have it still look like hair and yet be durable to weather from the scortching sun to winter rains.  Don’t even mention keeping the leaves from those trees on the right (in front of  the Village Haus Restaurant) out of it. 

Also, the commitment to building this tower shows Disney’s faith that they have a winner on their hands.  It’s not like having Tiana in the perfect meet & greet space – New Orleans Square - and then moving her over to the Fantasy Faire with the other princesses.   They are showing a true target goal of having the character fixed in this location.  Bold move.

If they pull it off – I think it will be a tremendous addition to Fantasyland!

Concept Art courtesy of Disneyland Media Relations.

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  • Raindown

    If I’m not mistaken no tower is being built as that tower already exists. The tower just needs exterior modification. Perhaps Princess Aurora and Jasmine have some competition in the hair department now.

  • Nancy Johnson

    The Tower exists – it currently has a wooden toy figure at it’s peak. In order to do a renovation to make it look like the Tangled tower, they will need to disassociate it from the rest of the Pinnocchio attraction facade by seriously modifying the top. That will still be the first time we’ve seen new construction in that area since 1983. Theming-wise, I think it’s a smart repurposing of existing, unusable architecture.