New Private Cabana Prices at Disney’s Castaway Cay

| May 27, 2010

We’ve gotten word from a post on that the price for the much anticipated private cabanas at Castaway Cay will be $499 for the day. This price has not been announced yet and I cannot confirm the accuracy at this point, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Posted on the Disney Cruise Line Forum: “My husband and I just got back from a 4 night cruise May 6th 2010. We attended the Captains Corner session and asked what was the cost for cabanas at Castaway Cay. The officer answering the question actually turned to the Captain and asked if he could share this info as the costs had just been finalized, but not announced. The Captain gave him the okay to share…$499 for the day. There will be 16 cabanas on the family beach and 4 at Serenity Bay. He said they would hold up to 8 people and the refrigerator would be stocked with soft drinks. Seems a bit high to me. We have a 5 night cruise booked for May 28, 2011 on the Dream for me, my husband, mother and sister and had wanted to book a cabana but agreed this was just not a great use of that much discretionary income.”

What do you think? Would pay this price to have a private cabana for the day at Castaway Cay? Would you consider sharing with another family?

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  • daneenm

    Wow, that seems like a LOT! We have never cruised, but I cannot see paying this for a nice place to sit and some soft drinks.

  • Cyrano

    I think this will be fought over, but way over-priced IMHO.

  • trivial

    I knew they’d cost more than I’d be willing to pay, but $499? Wow… just… wow.

  • bonzie1

    Wow! I agree there will probably be a wait list but… WOW! That’s a LOT. Perhaps once pictures of the finished product are posted I could begin to understand the price… but I wouldn’t be any closer to paying it. Now if we could pay $499 to spend the night on the island… I’d sign up in a heartbeat!


    Way too much but perhaps this includes a massage?

  • DisneySherpa

    We’ve cruised to Castaway a half-dozen times or so, both with and without our kids, even a two-stops at Castaway cruise two years ago. We’re headed there in 2011 on another two stops at Castaway cruise again–the island is that beautiful. That being said, we’d NEVER pay $499 for a private cabana there. There are plenty of seats available in a number of beautiful settings. You can walk right off the ship–no tender needed–with your souvenir cup of icy-cold soda in hand, straight to sunny or palm-tree shaded spot of your choice. Unlike other lines, soda is already included in your cruise price–you just have to go to an island food-service area to get your drinks, and they’ve added a second buffet “restaurant” to accommodate the larger crowd from the Dream. Servers are constantly walking by the beach lounge chairs, bringing adult beverages such as the signature Konk Kooler right to you. $499 for a little roof overhead? Ridiculous.

  • posse

    My family and I have been on the Disney Cruise 3 times and We can’t say enough about how much we love it. Castaway Kay is awesome!! With all that being said, we would NEVER pay $499 for a private cabana. I consider our family as a middle class income family and we could probably afford to pay it although it would be a good chunk of money for us to dish out. I think these cabanas are more for higher level income families. Hopefully Disney will reconsider the price. If not, the rest of the island is just fine with us. We love it!

  • posse

    I’m with you and couldn’t agree more.

  • Petraman

    Pretty much the same response as everyone else…. WOW!! So I can choose to take my family of 4 on the Catamaran Snorkel Adventure AND the Stingray Adventure, or I can spend $499 on a hut. Think I will pass on the hut.

  • jkpmac

    Not completely related, but does anyone know how the construction is going. Our first ever cruise is in July and I am curious to see if the additions to castaway Cay other than Pelican Plunge are close to completion. Web searches haven’t been successful.

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  • william

    this will be our first disney cruise at triple conventional cruise prices i think they can be more reasonable