Epcot’s Rose and Crown Pub & Dining Room Review

| March 23, 2010

Review by Kevin Klose

We recently visited the Rose and Crown Pub, located in the United Kingdom area of Epcot’s World Showcase. As it was not a busy time at Disney, we were able to secure a same day advanced dining reservation for 3 pm. As we hit very little traffic, we made great time and actually arrived at the restaurant just a bit before 2 pm.  Read on to find out about our experience.

We approached the podium and explained our situation….we had a 3 pm ADR and arrived an hour early. We asked if it was possible to be seated at that time or if we need to wait the additional hour for our allotted time frame. The Hostess suggested that it would depend on how busy the dining room was at the time.

I took this to mean that she was going to check to see if the dining room was busy and she didn’t. She just stood there looking at me. I asked if she could check and see if we could be seated. Her response was “Oh, you mean now?” She checked and decided that we could be seated immediately.

We were shown to our table in a near empty restaurant.

Our server approached our table and asked if we had any questions. When we said we didn’t, she asked if she could make suggestions. We agreed and she proceeded to read the menu to us. Verbatim. I explained that we could read the menu and she left.

We decided to start with a bowl of the Potato Leek soup (5.49), the Butter Poached Shrimp over risotto ($9.99), the Rose and Crown Meat and Cheese selection for two ($12.99) and the Scotch Egg ($8.99).

Our soup was delivered and resembled a bowl of slight solidified paste. As we were very hungry, we asked for a small portion of hot milk to add to the soup in order to thin it to “soup consistency”.

We ordered our entrees and after this, our server disappeared.

Our other appetizers arrived…delivered by another server.

The butter poached shrimp consisted of four non-descript shrimp with little flavor on a bed of undercooked barley. As the description stated barley risotto, we expected risotto containing barley. Nope…this was just under-cooked barley.

The meat and cheese platter was better, but I think it’s misleading to think that this would serve two. There were two very small servings of cheese, two very small servings of sausage and some accompaniments. They consisted of two gherkins, 11 grapes and approximately 12 roasted pecans. While these things were tasty, unless there were two very small eaters, this was only enough for one.

I had heard of a Scotch egg before and was intrigued to try one. It’s a hard boiled egg encased in sausage, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. It was served with a grainy mustard.

I was surprised to find that this was served at room temperature and asked a passing server (not ours) if it was supposed to be that way or if it was supposed to be served hot.

I was told that this was the appropriate presentation.

I can tell you the intrigue is no longer there. This was surprisingly lacking in flavor. I was expecting savory, salty sausage and instead found it to be mild to the point of tasteless. I was also surprised that there was so little on the plate for $9.00.

After finishing our appetizers…we waited. And waited. And waited.

Eventually, a server approached our table with three orders of fish and chips. While this was not what we ordered, we figured that a mistake was made and we’d just roll with it and accept what was delivered. One order of fish and chips hit the table before the server realized that this was for a different table. Our fish and chips were whisked away.

And we waited.

I finally got up and headed for the kitchen to find our server. I did locate her headed our way with a full carafe of steamed milk.

She arrived at our table with a full liter of hot milk. She explained that this took her a great deal of time to get the whole pot of milk to temperature.

I told her I appreciated her efforts, but there had been a misunderstanding. We were looking for a small amount (making the small finger gesture using your index finger and thumb the entire time) of milk for soup that had already returned to the kitchen.

I asked if our entrees would be arriving soon and she said she didn’t know. She then asked if we still wanted the liter of hot milk. When we explained that we no longer had any use for the hot milk, she disappeared yet again.

It’s at this point that I had another Disney first. I called Disney Dining from the Rose and Crown Pub and made dinner reservations for Chef’s de France for one hour later.

After waiting a bit longer, one order of fish and chips arrived…..for three people.

Neither the cottage pie nor the chicken and mushroom pie ordered at the same time as the fish and chips were ever delivered. No explanation. No apologies. Nothing.

Three of us tasted the lukewarm soggy fish, ate the tasty chips / fries and asked for our check.

When delivering the check, our server asked how everything had been. We explained that we never received two of our entrees. This meant more waiting while the check was re-figured.

We then left and went to Chef’s de France and had a wonderful dinner and extraordinary service.

I don’t think this is a typical experience, but…it just goes to show that anything can happen.

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Leah grew up in a little farming town in Illinois, right on the Mississippi River. Her Chicago-born husband, David, left the city for her, and they're now raising their three children (Jacob, Jonah and Lydia) just 12 miles from her hometown. As the Senior Editor of the DIS (wdwinfo.com), Leah spends a lot of time writing about, reading about, and discussing Disney. So, it should come as no surprise that one of her family's favorite ways to spend time is going to Walt Disney World and traveling on Disney Cruise Line. She also enjoys shopping, watching movies with her husband and doing crafts with and for her kids.
  • daneenm

    The location looks so inviting. Too bad the food does not live up.

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  • Cyrano

    I heard others speak fondly of the kiosk at Rose & Crown for fish and chips. Definitely the worst fish we have every eaten , so I think the food inside and outside has the same disappointment.

  • DisneyHoneymoon

    I am so sorry you had such a negative experience at the Rose and Crown, a restaurant we never miss when we are at Epcot. In fact, we have never had any desire to eat anywhere else for lunch! Our service is usually prompt and friendly, and the wait staff cannot do enough at the R & C. We usually get the fish and chips (yumm!) and the breading is crisp and fresh, the fish inside moist and flavorful. Hands down the hugest portion for Disney prices on property! I urge readers to NOT base their future dining choices on one bad review. We have eaten at the R & C at least 8 times in the past 8 years and have not had one disappointing experience.

  • pakdayton

    Wow, we had a vastly difference experience at Rose and Crown in Feb 2010. We arr ived in Disney after a 20+ hour car-ride through a snow storm to freezing cold weather … and had dinner at rose and crown. The soup was AMAZING, I love that soup, i dream about the soup, whatever the garnish on top is (nutty, green type thing) was fantastic. It was a very thick and creamy soup, but perfect for the weather. Our scotch egg was served warm, tasted like “breakfast” … nothing i would get again. We also enjoyed the fish and chips, which was hot and flaky and delicious. Good thing the cottage pie never arrived because that was fair to poor and completely skippable … but the soup was fantastic. By the way, in your pictures it looks like your tarter soup is the soup, the soup is with those delicious rolls. Go to Rose and Crown for soup, rolls, and fish and chips … which is a huge portion and shareable.

  • Mrs Tony Toon

    We have also dined at this restaurant on several occasions and always enjoyed our experience. The soup is yummy and the cheese rolls amazing. My husband really enjoys the apple and stilton salad and there have been no complaints about the sausage and mash, fish or steak we have had in the past either. Clean plates all round. Service has always been excellent and if you dine when Illuminations is on the views from the terrace are fantastic. Definitely a thumbs up form us!

  • AbbysDad

    To me this is less of a review and more of what appears to be some sort of vindictive trashing of a restaurant. I would never publish a review that was this bad based on one visit – anybody would know that if this experience is true that this restaurant would have closed long ago. With a situation this bad the constructive thing to do is to talk with a manager quite early on.

    I have eaten at this restaurant, as have a number of my friends and relatives, and never has there been a hint of this kind of experience.

    I don’t visit DISunplugged often, and if this is representative of what is to be found here I guess that I’ll be visiting even less.

  • akamoniker

    I certainly do not agree that this post is “talking trash”. It would appear as though it is an entirely honest review of one family’s experience. And regardless of what anyone else here thinks, the pictures of this food really speaks for themselves.
    This food was definitely not palatable or well portioned for the price.

    I also do not visit DISunplugged often, but seeing all of these overly vehement “rebuttals” makes me wonder how many of these posts were actually written by the Disney World public relations department.

  • gymnastgirlflips

    My family has been to the Rose and Crown Pub 3 times, each visit being over a year apart uring non peak season, and have been disappointed every time. We’ve had combinations of being seated an hour after our reservation (tables being empty during this wait), and horrible waiting service. Our waiter will always disappear for long amounts of time, even after saying “You are my only table”. So basically, that was the last time we’ll ever try Rose and Crown again. I’d rather eat at Le Cellier, no doubt about it.


    We have eaten at the Rose and Crown on several occasions and I have to say most of the experiences were bad. The food is not good and the portions are small. I do not belive anything is cooked to order. It all seemed to be sitting around for a long time. If not for others in our party I would not have eaten there after the first bad time.

    The servers are oblivious to your needs and pretend that no one is sitting at the table. I have gotten violently sick on the fish and chips served from the kiosk and will no longer eat there. I belive every word of the review as I have experienced it myself

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  • gallicdenis

    We have been enjoying the bill of fare at Epcot’s Rose & Crown since before we become DVC members about ten years back. We have been fortunate that all our experiences have been extremely positive, both with the food, libations and service. We were there last during Christmas week with a very positive experience. It sounds like Mr. Klose had a very unfortunate experience. Hopefully his next visit will be of the quality to which we are accustomed.

  • LondonTown

    Dear all, I would have to agree with Kevin. As a brit and regular visitor to disney I am apalled if not embarrassed at the food that is served in the rose and crown, as you journey around the countries of epcot you can experience some delightful cuisine and representative dishes of the nation you are visiting. There can be no denying that there will always be some local embellishments to suit the vast majority, but it can be said with confidence that british cuisine is nothing at all like the fare served in the R&C. A scotch egg would be eaten cold, this is a cheap and basic product you would expect to pay no more than the equivalent of a dollar for in the UK. The fish and chips are often soggy and of a poor quality in general. The platter you describe with pecans is hardly british, the sausages do not look overly british style either, shrimp risotto is a non starter. This restaurant could be so much better than it is, it has an enviable position and a nice bar but the menu is in need of an overhaul. I really hope we can see some improved menu options in the future, some well cooked true british classics.

  • dcody22

    My family and I had a similar bad experience. We were a party of 13 that was able to walk in, and now I understand why. We were there for 3 hours, 5 of us never recieved the correct entree and we never received our dessert. We were all on the dining plan. I was so upset that as soon as we left, I went to guest relations and asked them to credit us back the meal. After hearing our experience, we were credited back our table service. The only apology we received was from guest relations. The manager on duty at the Rose and Crown gave us a terrible attitude. I have never left without tipping at a restaurant before this experience. My family travels to WDW at least once a year from NY and I must say that I have NEVER received such horrible service at any other tiem in WDW. I hope someone takes a long hard look and makes some changes.

  • gallicdenis

    This is one of those Ah-Ha moments. When Mr. Klose stated “went to Chef’s de France and had a wonderful dinner and extraordinary service” I remembered we had a similar experience with Chef de France this past Christmas that he had at the Rose and Crown. His comment that “I don’t think this is a typical experience, but…it just goes to show that anything can happen” is right on. We have noticed that the quality of dining experiences at the Disney restaurants have been consistently inconsistent in recent years.




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