Disney’s Give a Day Get a Disney Day has closed

| March 9, 2010

Well, we knew it would happen, but didn’t expect it to happen this quickly!  Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program has officially closed.  It has only been 2 months.

One million people have volunteered (or signed up to volunteer) and received vouchers for a theme park ticket, a special fastpass, an EarHat figurine with exclusive trading pins, or the option to donate their park ticket to a participating charity.  People from all over the world have gotten involved in volunteering.

Disney has put a lot into this program, creating a new parade starring the Muppets, throwing a huge media event (Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato even sang!) and breaking a world record with the largest sculpture of canned goods ever made.

Even though the program is over, Disney is still encouraging guests to volunteer in their communities through the HandsOn Network.

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  • Cyrano

    Hopefully this has kick-started renewed interest in volunteering. Disney deserve kudos for this promotion. I can see you why they exluded international visitors from the promotion.

  • blytheny

    Hmmm… this is odd, because I contacted Disney re: difficulty registering b/c our date was too far out… and the e-mail I got back yesterday afternoon stated that the program was not at the 1 million mark yet. They expected it to be soon, but the person who sent me the note said that they were still encouraging people to sign up. Wonder what they meant??

  • jlojo

    This is disappointing. Although it is great that this promotion has inspired so many people to go out and volunteer, it’s too bad that they are ending the promotion after just 2 months. It seems that Disney’s commitment to encourage volunteerism was only worth 1 million free tickets, and now they’re more concerned about making money. When they started advertising this promotion, I don’t remember hearing “ends after we’ve reached 1 million volunteers.” I thought this was their promotion for all of 2010.

  • trivial

    I can’t fault them for wanting to limit the number of free tickets to 1 million, but it seems strange that this was supposed to be their advertising campaign for 2010, and it’s over after 2 months… pretty short-sighted.




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