Disney World Fans: Will you go see Harry Potter at Universal?

| February 17, 2010

It’s a question that I am sure both Disney and Universal want to know the answer to. Will Disney fans take time away from Mickey to see Harry? There is a great thread on our discussion forums asking this exact question, and I’m not surprised by some of the answers. While it’s full of mixed plans and opinions, the majority of the posters say they will take at least one day out of their Disney vacation to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure.

Here are just a few examples from this thread.

  • Grumpy92 posted: “We are planning a trip just to visit HP, a couple days at their hotels. We have decided not even to go down to WDW on this trip.
  • AnnaS posted: “We have not been to Universal in years (my sons have) and SeaWorld for that matter. HP will be the right excuse to get us to go back.
  • NikkiLovesWDW! Posted: “DH (Dear Husband) and I NEVER go to Universal but we are so excited to go to Harry Potter.
  • Prinny27 posted: “When the Wizarding World opens DH and I will add an extra day to the beginning of our trip – solely to check it out – and then spend the rest of the time at Disney.

What about you?

This thread can be found at DISboards.com

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  • maskedbunny

    The forum won’t let me log in at all. Lame. But I have every intention on going again and again and again.

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  • Scott.B

    I normally am a “disnoid” as my stepdad says. If it doesn’t say Disney, I won’t go. Now that DCA in CA is open, it is even tougher to go elsewhere. Last summer though someone else paid for my wife and I to go to Universal, and this is where I have to just say “Isn’t the free market great?” Unlike early universal offerings, Universal Orlando is a very high quality entertainment venue. After Seeing the Blue Man Group there, I look forward to Harry Potter, and I am not even a Potter fan. I just know it is going to be great entertainment

  • lmo429

    I plan on making a one day trip over to universal on our upcoming fall 2009 trip to check out Harry Potter. We are dedicated WDW vacationeers and when we are in the Orlando area we tend to never leave disney property. In my eyes WWOHP will be a success if it’s going to be something that I want to go back and see year after year.

  • spres2007

    We were just at Universal a few weeks ago and the Harry Potter construction looked pretty amazing. Im not a fan of Harry Potter and dont plan on going back to Universal again. So only Disney for me from now on

  • mkroller

    We are visiting in June 2010 , and yes we will be taking a day away from Disney to visit. Sounds like we will need to get there early and be prepared for LARGE crowds!

  • akamoniker

    I am taking my family to Disney World in May and we are all huge Harry Potter fans. But I am not sure I will want to wait in hour long lines just to do a bit of walking through a great little visual village. They only have two roller coasters and we are not big on coasters anyway. I think we will probably wait until they build the park up a little more and add some different attractions.