Animation Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

| January 27, 2010

If you are looking to do something different the next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios I have a suggestion for you. Take some time to enjoy the Magic of Animation and the Animation Academy.

One of the reasons that I love Walt Disney World is all of the unique things you can see or do if you aren’t into the rides.

I am lucky that I am at the theme parks quite often.  Every time I go I always try to do something I have never done before.

I have spent my entire life thinking I cannot draw.  That is why I got into computers since they had clip art you could use.  After sitting in on several sessions at the Animation Academy maybe there is hope for me yet with being an artist.

You start in the building by watch a short film about how they create and animate the characters in a movie.  After the movie you are free to play on the consoles they have or do a meet and greet with the characters from the movie UP.

Just don’t miss the chance to learn to draw the different Disney characters at the Animation Academy.  The class is offered every 30 mins. You are seated at large tables with a piece of paper and a pencil.  No eraser in this class! People of all ages would enjoy this.  You don’t know ahead of time who you will be drawing.  The teacher shows you how with simple shapes you can draw the character.  Who knew it was this simple?

The teacher stresses it doesn’t have to perfect the first time you sketch it.  Just keep going over the lines till you feel you have it right. After you draw the image the teacher goes over his with colored pencils and it comes to life.  I was thrilled that I drew something that actually looked like the character.  I am not ready for prime time yet but I think I did okay.

This one below is my drawing.

If you have time you could sit in on several classes.  It can get crowded with people waiting to take the class.  I wouldn’t try to do it on a rainy day in the park or you might be waiting for a long time.

Try it next time you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and let me know what you think.

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  • georgemoe

    Nice Kathy. I’m pretty sure these are every 30 minutes. Where is your Sorcerer Mickey drawing? I want to see it. :)

  • mchapman

    Great article! And it’s true… Gusteau says it about cooking, but anyone can draw, too!

    Just a note– the classes start at 10:30 am and are offered every 30 minutes, at the top and the bottom of the hour. The last class is offered at park closing time (8pm closing = 8pm last class), and they are less crowded towards the end of the night. ;)

    have fun drawing!

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  • jenbear123

    I just tried the Animation Academy for my first time last November. I could not believe what I had missed out on all these years! The drawing classes are a great way to try your artistic skills. I’ve always loved drawing Disney characters and have been drawing them since The Lion King came out. It was nice to rediscover my drawing skills. It also gives you a great souvenir to take home with you.

  • wdwmama

    Do the classes cost anything to attend? Looks really neat and we will be there in November…..

  • goofy12

    The classes don’t cost anything. It’s a great free souvenir! Little ones under eight years might not want to sit for that length of time, but you can always leave during the session if they get bored. Enjoy your trip!

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  • teresa sirois

    we did this last year with our 2 children, ages 5 and 8. They were so excited to sit in on this lesson and so proud of what they had drawn. Even my 5 year old was able to draw Tigger’s face since the instructions were given so well. Can’t wait to do this again with them next week

  • Kimberly Rettig Wilson

    Does anyone know what type of pencils are used in the class. Loved this in March and my niece and nephew still draw Disney characters all the time. Would like to get them the nice pencils and and sketch book for Christmas




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