Good Pizza at WDW – I’ll believe it when I taste it

| January 26, 2010

Walt Disney World has announced that they will be opening a new pizzeria at the Italy pavilion in Epcot later this year.  Operated by the Patina Group, the new pizzeria will seat 300 in a restaurant with “Florentine architecture”.

In fairness, let me say that I think the Patina group generally does a good job and I think the pizza outlet they’ll open will offer the best pizza on property.  That being said, the bar is pretty low right now for offering ‘the best pizza on property’.

While I welcome any attempt by Disney to introduce ‘good pizza’, I have to wonder why Disney has remained so tone-deaf to the constant criticisms of pizza elsewhere around Walt Disney World.

It is almost universally accepted that Disney pizza is among the worst anywhere.   Especially among those of us from areas of the country famous for their pizza (specifically New York, New Jersey and Chicago), a slice of pizza at WDW is akin to eating cardboard covered in ketchup.  The most egregious of which, in my opinion, is Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Honestly – they should partner with Prevacid to offer medication with each slice served – it is the worst pizza I’ve ever tasted, and currently our Ratings and Reviews section backs that up – Pizza Planet scores a rating of 5 out of a possible 10 with most commenting that the pizza just plain stinks.

So, I’d like to offer a word of advice to the folks at Patina as they embark on this sacred quest:  If anyone from Disney tries to tell you how to make the pizza, or how the pizza should taste, or what kind of sauce to use…force them to eat their own pizza first then tell them to shut up.

So, kudos to the Patina Group for (hopefully) filling a real need in the scope of Disney’s fast food offerings, but let’s hope that Disney revisits the rest of the pizza on property with an eye towards substantial improvement.

UPDATE 1/30 – I swear I didn’t see this article prior to writing this blog entry!  Disney would do well to consider Domino’s approach to ‘bad pizza’ – click here to read the story in Time Magazine.

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  • lisalisa

    You said it. I live in Wisconsin and everytime we go we suffer. I have my fingers crossed that this will work. Pizza is a huge family fav.

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  • MKPluto

    Its not just Pizza Planet, because everywhere that serves pizza in the parts serves the same pizza. The only place I know its different is at the food court at Saratoga Springs where they make “flat bread” pizza and even that, not great.

  • Madi100

    I like the pizza at Pizza Planet, but I think that the pizza place in Italy sounds great. I can’t wait to give it a try. It’s always fun to have something new to try when we visit WDW.

  • freepixie

    I personally feel you are quite wrong on the “all WDW pizza is bad” issue. My family and I have always had great pizza experiences at WDW. But WDW has always had a higher standard concerning park foods – there is no other park in this country that reaches the caliber of delicious foods that WDW offers. You have not tasted cardboard pizza unless you traveled to Cedar Point in the 90′s!!

  • Sarge

    We have stayed at the Polynesian many times and
    we believe that the room service pizza they serve
    is excellent. Just get a regular with extra
    cheese. Haven’t tried it any where else.

  • chrisw127

    Funny stuff. I actually snorted reading the Prevacid comment–it’s such bad pizza.

    I’m just hoping they can pull it off. I mean, it’s Disney, right? They can do it. Probably.

  • Dave Parfitt

    I just read the new pizzeria is planning on having wood-burning ovens and will use imported water. They say the imported water will be similar to the water in Naples, Italy – known for it’s pizza dough. At least Disney is acknowledging the water and pizza dough issue… we’ll see how it tastes.

  • nicklesm17

    although i agree, this is no chicago qaulity pizza. i will say this. i don’t think the complaints have gone unheard. in fact i was given a survey after our last visit (oct/nov) and gave them high marks on their “improved” pizza. the improvement wasn’t the recipe. to my recollection this pizza is the same every year, and everywhere on the property. the improvement here was that they must have finally taught their employees how to properly cook the pizza. improperly cooking (burned or near raw) a mediocre pizza makes it something really horrible, which it always was. we did not have one “bad” pizza this last trip. we took a chance, and ended up having pizza 5 times during our 10 day stay. give it another chance the next time you’re there. look at it like a fair to good qaulity frozen. the kids want it, i’m glad i can now eat it.