McDonald’s near All Star Resorts at WDW has a new look

| August 26, 2009

Looking for a new way to stretch your food dollars while you are at Disney?  Tired of the hamburgers in the theme parks? Well you just might want to check out the newly refurbished McDonald’s in Walt Disney World.  This isn’t your typical McDonald’s.

McDonald’s located near the All Star Resorts just off the Osceola Parkway recently reopened after being closed to finish the refurbishment.  When you walk up to the restaurant you don’t feel like you are in for your typical fast food experience.  I think this would be a great place to have a quick meal and talk with friends outside the theme parks.  It has a new contemporary feel. You feel like you would want to linger awhile instead of dashing off to something else.

The restaurant has several different areas to enjoy your meals.  You have a choice of sitting at a table or a counter. They also have several TV’s showing the news and cartoons.

The meals are slightly more expensive than traditional McDonald’s but I feel it is worth to dine in the new contemporary setting. Try it and let me know what you think!

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  • kykatt

    Were just came back from Disney on Friday. We stopped there on our way out of Animal Kingdom to grab lunch, and were SHOCKED. We had grown to LOVE and always looked forward to eating at THAT PARTICULAR McDonalds because of the Outside Decor, and the Old Disney Cartoons that ran while you ate. Kids LOVED it and so did we.

    Now… It’s just another McDonalds… with higher Prices. Sadly we passed it by. Will not be going back there.

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  • wvugrrrl

    I agree with you, Kykatt. My husband and I loved this McDonald’s for the exact reasons you outlined – the fun theming outside, and the cool Disney cartoons playing inside. I would think a McDonald’s that looked like this one would be better suited for someplace “trendy” like San Fran, or LA, rather than WDW. What a shame.

  • llastovica

    Absolutely agree with the last two posts. Disney does not own this restaurant, but to our family it was the “McDonalds at Disney”. While I am sure that the location was in need of a remodel, many people (especially children) will be very disappointed by this new modern version. Sorry Ronald, but this was the wrong way to go.

  • trivial

    It does nothing for me.

  • pk1023

    Well before you judge it bad, this actually isn’t anything special to Disney only.

    Mcydee’s has been re-branding a number of it’s stores recently. They call it “Forever Young” and its basics are the “swish brow” on the logo, the use of leather and other high end fabrics, and the redesign of seating areas to have many different configurations.

    They’ve done half a dozen or so of these in the suburbs of Indianapolis. For the most part I’d say the changes are welcome. Although for every good point there have been things that didn’t work!

    My son was injured on a Foosball table they brought into the playland area in the first one they redid in our area.


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