Disney testing centralized FASTPASS at Animal Kingdom

| July 27, 2009

Disney is conducting a test in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  They are currently testing having one central location to get your FASTPASS for attractions in Animal Kingdom.

I decided to make a trip over to the park to check this out for myself. The location for the FASTPASS machines is in front of It’s Tough to be a Bug. There are 6 FASTPASS machines.  They haven’t removed the FASTPASS machines at the front of the attractions though so if you didn’t know they were testing you can still get them there.  Notice there is no signage above the area showing this is a FASTPASS location.

They were announcing at the Tip Board that there was a central area for the FASTPASS. I picked up a park map and Times Guide and it wasn’t mentioned that you had an option to pick them up in a central area.  At first I thought that a central location would be a great idea.  Now I am not so sure. It will be interesting to see what the test shows.  If you use the central FASTPASS machines please let me know your thoughts.

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  • mmeb144

    Please check this out for us poor people who don’t get to go to WDW. Does it work like the regular fastpass?

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  • toothdoc

    One big issue, seems to appear no information with these machines. It would be good to know when the return time would be, that impacts touring strategy. The rides would be better, because you have info. What if the wait is only 10 minutes, you would not know this and waste a fast pass that could be better used on another atttraction.

  • trivial

    It sounds like a nice idea, except that you can only grab one FASTPASS at a time, so that seems to me to defeat the purpose somewhat.

  • csuzannet

    I don’t think it defeats the purpose, because I suspect the purpose was never to allow you to load up on Fast Passes. Instead it saves you, theoretically, time and energy in obtaining your one Fast Pass. AK is a HUGE park, and it’s a trek from one land to the next. This way, you’ve only gotta walk half-way there! ;)

  • http://joyfullycrafted.com tfakler

    Well I am curious if how it turns out. We recently used the fast pass station and we found it by accident. I love the fast pass idea but I also like that you have to actually work for it. (so in this park you would have to run all the way over to the rapids, everest, or the safari they usually all have a wait)That being said it just helps getting your first fast pass or later on when you can get another one, since there is a waiting period for your next fast pass. We usually run to the most popular ride area for a fast pass and go elsewhere until the fast pass time, but as soon as the time is up to get another we send one person with our cards to get the next set of tickets. So I like it but like in Hollywood Studios the Toystory ride will definitely run out if tickets way sooner than now if you could just come in and get fast passes. Since we don’t get to the parks until around 11am we might be out of luck since we barely get a fastpass at that late time. We will see.

  • sandals

    We were at Animal Kingdom last August (2009). A guy at our resort (POFQ) gave us a tip about the fastpasses, at the centralized station you can get up to (3) fastpasses at the same time. He then instructed us to go directly for the Safari. On the way back to Dinosaur and Expedition Everest, there was another machine for (Kali River Rapids) so we were to stop for another fastpass. We had all of these attractions done by about 11am leaving plenty of time to see shows, etc. It did require some fast walking, but since it was early we didn’t mind. We are going back this August too and hope it is still available the same way. I don’t think many people who were at the machines knew you could take one from each of them…