RU freakin’ kidding me?

| March 10, 2009

Okay, so the big ‘secret’ is out – RU23 is Disney’s “Official” fan web site.  Meaning that you get to pay $75 for the privelige of buying ‘exclusive’ merchandise, and you get a magazine 4 times a year along with some other minor perks.

RU freakin kidding me??  This is the big announcement?  Disney’s decision to do something for the fans was this?  Color me ‘underwhelmed’.  And I’m not alone – here are some comments from our forums on the ‘big announcement’.

In a nutshell, a D23 membership costs $75 and gives you the privilege to buy ‘exclusive merchandise’ – like an $850 PEN (I’m not kidding). The entire thing is one huge marketing campaign that does not take THE REAL NEEDS of Disney fans into consideration.  This is just another example of Disney thinking they can shovel whatever crap they want to fans, and we’ll eat it up.

I’m going to save most of my comments on this for the next show, but I’ll say this now:  These people are the biggest idiots on earth if they think this is what qualifies as ‘the official on-line community for Disney fans’.  It’s insulting and they’ve served only to prove, once again, that “official” is synonmous with “crap” in the world of Disney.

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  • wvugrrrl

    Well, I’d like to jump on the bandwagon and point out the Emperor has no clothes!

    The magazine itself is nice. Not great. But nice. Conceptually, it’s a good idea. But seriously, this stuff is kinda terrible. And waaaay overpriced. What’s even better? The super-overpriced stuff (like the $800 pen) aren’t even D23 exclusive – they’re just under the banner of “Walt Disney Signature Collection.” I’m just so underwhelmed – and I can’t imagine what Disney’s thinking – especially in this economy! Really, a Polo with 23 stitched on it? (Which again, isn’t D23-member exclusive). They may as well have printed shirts that say, “Are You An Idiot?.”

    Furthermore, I’m kind of disgusted with the whole, “D23 is “The Official Community for Disney Fans” — the first of its kind in the Company’s 85-year history.” It seems to me like kind of a slap in the face for already-established communities like the Passporter, DIS, All-Ears, etc that have worked very hard to bring together groups of people that share the same love for Disney. And by the way, they don’t have to CHARGE for it. To me, D23 is kind of like having to buy your friends. Speaking of which, for a so-called online community, where’s the message boards?

    I’d rather they released 23 movies on Blu-Ray. BTW, did anyone ACTUALLY get a notification email? Neither my husband nor I did. I’m glad that was just a ploy for Disney to get me to sign up to their emailing list. I’m sure I’ll be getting plenty of spam from them in the future. Ugh. I’m just so disgusted right now.

  • hwork


    By the way Pete, any chance of getting a full text RSS feed for this blog? Also, not to force people to create an account to comment? Can’t speak for everyone else, but my engagement levels will go way up if I can read posts in my RSS reader and know that I don’t have to signup/login to comment.

  • grumpyfan

    Hey Pete, we should make T-shirts, put on them something like,

    RU23? – RU Freakin’ Kidding Me?


    D23 – R U Freakin’ Kidding?

    or something else, but this is just plain rediculous. Then everybody should wear them in the parks in protest!

    Disney marketing has figured out another way to shake even more money from their loyals fans wallets. Kudos to them, but bad for us fans.

    Wait, I just figured out something, they’re a bunch of Freakin’ pirates!

  • lntsmom

    I am so thankful that you’ve stepped up to say this!!! I read the big announcement yesterday and thought, “Pass.”

    It seems that the RU23 idea will appeal to limited demographics. Either you have to live close to Disneyland or you have to be wealthy enough to travel to the park several times a year in order to participate in the events. I don’t fit into either group.

    Today I went online to order my boys some shirts for our upcoming trip. I was amazed to see that nearly 2/3rds of the merchandise in some areas was for sale only to members of RU23.

    I just don’t get Disney. Yes, they want my business, but they aren’t responding to the reality of the current economic climate. I was there buying the 2-for-$20 t-shirts. I’d guess that right now I’m a pretty typical customer.

    What surprised me even more, though, is that when I went on the boards there was a long thread of folks who’ve already shelled out their $75. P.T. Barnum is somewhere looking down and loving this!
    At least he called it as he saw it. I have a feeling that at the Disney corporate offices there’s a “There’s a sucker born every minute.” over the main entryway!

  • aamuboi10

    I do however, like the videos that are on the D23 site. The link to those videos off the site is a little easier than going directly through the main Disney site. I especially like the ones of Marty Sklar, and Jody Dreyer, although I think those videos were already on the site.

  • dragonstarr

    I heard that the free gift is a lithograph. If it was something nice like a figurine, I might have been tempted to join.




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