Online Music Kills Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney

| March 2, 2009

Virgin Megastore CEO Simon Wright announced that they would be closing all Virgin Megastores around the country this summer, including the one at Downtown Disney West Side. The projected closing date is May 31, 2009.  Located near House of Blues and Disney Quest, this is one of the largest buildings at Downtown Disney West Side and its closing will leave a major void in that area. I am sure it won’t be long until Disney accepts a bid to fill that spot. With the new age of online music stores catering to iPods and mobile devices, the brick and mortar music establishments are having trouble keeping up with the “download era”. If you own an iPod, when was the last time you purchased a CD?

It is said that roughly 100 corporate employees will be laid off in addition to hundreds of retail workers. Downtown Disney is one of six stores across the country.

Will you miss Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney or not? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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  • MelissaFromRI

    It will be sad to see a big empty building at DTD , but I must say I never bought anything at the Virgin Megastore.

  • wvugrrrl

    I think part of the problem with Virgin going under is that their prices are so ridiculously high in such a competitive market. CD’s are already being pushed aside in favor of digital music, but at the same time, I have no problem buying a CD if it doesn’t cost me $18, which is typically what Virgin charges for a new release. They also sell books, which is fine and dandy, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I payed full retail value for a book, when I can get it for much cheaper from Amazon, and that includes shipping costs!

    I’ll miss the Virgin Megastore at DTD, because it was a good way to spend an hour just browsing.

  • Cyrano

    Read this on the boards. Think it was inevitable but will be a large space to be replaced.

  • nsalz

    My two teenagers will be crushed. We leave for Disney tomorrow, so at least they can visit one more time. We always went to this store at least two times every time we visited Disney.

  • usetheforceluke

    One visit I dragged back home 400 blank cds because Virgin was selling them so cheap compared to prices around here (and with the exchange included). There was also an interesting book or two that we managed to buy every visit. But other than that, a good portion of their stock was expensive, and we rarely do expensive.

  • gin505

    I’ll miss the coffee bar. When I close my eyes to my calming spot its always on the outdoor deck, at the Virgin Record store sipping a latte and watching the world go. We try to go at least once a month

  • gallicdenis

    We enjoy the Megastore when we visit Orlando. It provided choices that we never see in the stores where we live. The deals we enjoyed on books and dvds made Wal-Mart seemed overpriced, and we could find what we really wanted to buy. Occasionally we still purchase CDs. Again Virgin had what we were looking for at a reasonable price. Of course we would take advantage of our annual pass and DVC discounts which helped. Hopefully Virgin will come up with a marketing plan that will salvage the positive aspects of the Megastore. But then again, this is the worst global recession since the Great Depression. No one seems to be immune.

  • Wils

    As a visiting Brit this store offered us the opportunity to find exactly what we wanted to buy in the one place (the AP discount was nice too!) Even though I’m sure it wasn’t the cheapest it offered us a great opportunity to buy tv series etc. you couldn’t get in the UK.

    I hope they can fill that huge space

  • Knowlesk80

    I’m not going to be happy at all…especially since they started marking down there CD’s & DVD’s. I just bought alot of DVD’s for $10 a piece & CD’s for as low as $10 the other day. That is going to be a huge store to fill & I hope Disney brings in something worth while.

  • Desces

    WHY WOULD THEY CLOSE THEM??? They were always busy… My mom was finally letting me go there later today and it’s closed down!?!? This isn’t fair at all. I don’t know of anywhere else to get what I’m looking for. Thanks for sucking all the fun out of Downtown Disney, theres nothing left for me to enjoy anymore.