Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! debuts at Magic Kingdom

| February 12, 2009

Today the new parade Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! debuted at Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World resort.  I wasn’t sure what to expect after my lukewarm review of the new 3:00 PM parade.

The parade will be performed several times a day.  The daily parade times will be in the times guide you can pick up as you enter the park.

It starts down by City Hall and moves down Main Street towards the castle.  There are 5 floats.  One has a performer on it along with Mickey and Minnie.  The other 4 have big boxes with bows on them. They come down Main Street and turn right around the hub.  That would be the best place to watch the parade from.  They circle the hub once and the main float stops in front of the castle. The Mad Hatter, Lumiere, Sebastian, Genie appear from the boxes.  There are some different characters in this parade.  But I was surprised to see that Stitch wasn’t in this parade.

They invite the crowd to celebrate with them in the street.  The music is very catchy.  They play Hannah Montana, Breakout, I like to Move it.  It was a lot of fun!!!  I loved watching the crowd conga, shake their tail feathers.

The performers and characters interact with the crowds.  The performers on stilts bend down to the kids.  It is really a high energy show.

This parade really does a good job with the Celebrate theme for this year.  The parade ties it together very nicely with the song The time of your life from the Disney commercials.

I loved this parade!!!!!!!  I think your family will too. This parade is Disney at its best.

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  • wdwowner

    I can only imagine Walt Disney himself if he was on Main Street and he heard ‘I like to Move It’ in the hub by the castle. I’m sure he would be firing many people and telling them ‘Get the marching band out here now!!!!!’ What a new low for WDW. This type of ‘parade’ belongs in DHS, NOT THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!

  • Kathy Werling

    Walt wanted a place where families could enjoy themselves. They were doing exactly that today. It was fun watching the families dancing in the street.

  • Disneyfanatic

    Didnt the Magic kingdom come out with a new parade a month ago?

  • wdwowner

    I agree, I love seeing kids and family dancing and having a good time for sure! It is the music selection that ruins it for me. WDW is soooo great with creating musical scores for parades, but instead they went cheap and songs with lyrics that just don’t fit the environment where the parade is.

    I can only imagine what they could have come up with if they wanted to. Think back to the WDW Millennium Celebration and the Tapestry Of Nations parade music, nothing even comes close to the awe inspiring floats, puppets and music. THAT is WDW at its best!

  • Kathy Werling

    I agree with your choice of great parades. This new parade does a great job of tying in the theme of celebrating. They should have spent more money on the afternoon parade.

  • Captainhookboi

    I love this entertainment offering! i consider this to be a spectacular show. This combind with Dream Along With Mickey, the Celebrate Disney Dreams Come True Parade, Move it shake it celebrate it and spectro now makes MK my favorite park…It is such a pleasure getting to work on this amazing show!

  • Will Perry

    Nice job Kathy! Love the photos!

  • rtobe

    Great photos Kathy, looking forward to seeing this parade in person