Are you 23?

| January 11, 2009

It better be something good – that’s all I’m saying.

Disney has started another viral campaign aimed at generating buzz on the internet.  A few weeks ago, it was a viral video where a persons name would seemingly appear throughout locations at the Magic Kingdom – highlighting the “What are you Celebrating” campaign.

Now it’s “Are you 23?”.  Posters around theme parks in both Anaheim and Orlando ask that simple question – followed by “March 10, 2009″.

Of course, everyone on the web is asking the question “What does this mean?”.  Well, no one knows and Disney is showing itself at being particularly adept at keeping its secrets.  Something it doesn’t have a great track record with in recent years.

Some speculation revolves around the 70th anniversary of Pinnochio – which occurs on March 10th.  One poster on speculates that 23 classic Disney films will be released on Blu-Ray disc on that date.  The Blu Ray rumor got some credibility when Pixar’s John Lassiter showed up a Sony Blu Ray presentation at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – to tell Sony what a great job it did on the technology.  (See for more on this)

While Disney may be getting good at using viral technology to increase it’s marketing, I’m not sure they’ve learned how to manage the expectations of a rabid Disney fan base that will spend the next two months speculating.  By the time March 10th arrives, fans will be so whipped up into a frenzy, that short of announcing they’ve purchased Australia and are turning it into a theme park and giving everyone free admission – people are going to be disappointed.

I can promise that if it’s something like 23 films released on Blu Ray – torch wielding villagers will most definitely storm the castle (pun intended).

Like I said – this better be good.

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  • Cyrano

    If it is all this effort for movies I agree will not be received by the community with applause :(

  • cocowum

    Pete I love when you Blog! You’re Hilarious!

  • ADP

    Great blog Pete. I hope it isn’t something as simple as Blue Ray releases. I do hope it has something to do with a Disney fan or loyalty program. Fingers crossed for something good.

  • UrsulasShadow

    I detest these viral campaigns. If it makes no sense, I just ignore them. If it’s worth anything when the “secret” is released, I’m sure I’ll hear about it then.

  • Froggy5657

    It is like the episode of Ugly Betty where Betty wants to throw a party and Amanda makes invitations saying “The Roof, Get on the List”. EVERYBODY wants to get on the list and the party is great.

  • Disneyfanatic

    All Im thinking is what the hell does this mean.

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