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| January 3, 2009

Several media outlets are reporting a story about a Muslim family removed from an Air Tran flight on New Years day, after other passengers became concerned about comments that some of the family members made when they boarded the plane.

The family was traveling from Regan International Airport in Washington,DC to Orlando for a religious conference.  Passengers overheard some members of the party discussing where the safest seats on the plane were, and for some absurd reason – this was enough to not only remove the family from the plane, but to deny them boarding again on a later flight even after the FBI cleared them.

Air Tran has apologized to the family, and offered to reimburse them the cost of their fare, plus the cost of the fare they paid on another airline to complete their travel.  This was done ONLY after the story broke in the national news.

Shame on Air Tran!

Note to the flying public:  “Muslim” doesn’t equal “Terrorist”

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  • Cyrano

    This is shocking :(

  • klam_chowder

    Thx a mint for blogging this to give it wider press. AirTran should be ashamed of its practises.

  • AlexDurrani

    Hey Pete as a Muslim myself I agree that it was uncalled for.

  • turp

    what could they have possibly said to make them take them off the plan? unless they or ANYONE not just muslim is talking “highjack” the air lines actions are uncalled for no matter who they are. would this be considered “profiling?”