Nemo comes to Caribbean Beach

| October 1, 2008

I stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort in Walt Disney World in Orlando FL over the weekend.  I was anxious to stay in one of the newly refurbished rooms since Disney announced the new Nemo theme for many of the rooms. Caribbean Beach is my favorite resort at WDW.

I have stayed many times at CBR over the years and loved the subtle tropical feel in the rooms. So when Disney started the refurbishment I was concerned I would not like the new rooms.  Well once again Disney did a great job at creating a new feel when you enter the room.

I had a room that was very close to the parking lot but I couldn’t hear any noise from the area and it was hard to even see the cars from the sidewalk outside the room.  I stay in Martinique 24 which was the first building to be done.  This is considered a preferred building costing extra at CBR. It was a very short walk to Old Port Royale the food court and the main pool.

The new rooms have been painted and received new carpeting, furniture, flat screen television, curtains, shower rod and curtain.  If you have stayed here before the carpeting is new but the color is a deeper green. The chest of drawers houses the fridge.

They kept the double beds but they are now on a platform. The downside is that was a great place to store your luggage.  There is plenty of room back by the double sinks to store any luggage.

There is a bench with a drawer that will hold a lot.  The new dresser has plenty of drawers.  I didn’t miss the old armoire they had in the room.  The new room feels larger.

The curtain is new back by the double sinks.  That is a great feature when you are trying to get ready in the morning, some have used that area as a private area for a baby in their porta crib.

The room comes with a fridge, 4 cup coffee maker with several packets of regular and decaf coffee and the condiments for it, full size ironing board and iron.  You receive a small bottle of combo shampoo/conditioner and a Mickey bar of soap.

The bathroom received the new curved shower rod and new shower curtain.  The room was very clean.

I had a room with the door connecting to the room next door.  I never heard my neighbors.

The safe is small and wouldn’t hold a laptop but it would be great for all the small stuff.

The one thing I wasn’t fond of was the Ethernet connection is on the nightstand between the beds. The cord was just long enough that the person closest to the nightstand could use the laptop.  It would have been nice if the Ethernet connection had been at the table.

I enjoyed my stay at CBR and will be back again soon to enjoy the resort and pool.  I can’t wait for the new pirate rooms coming in January in Trinidad South.

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  • nwohioangela

    I can’t believe you guys don’t like the ethernet connection by the bed. I HATE it by the table. When I come “home” from the parks and I want to read my email or do some work I much prefer to be able to flop out on the bed and do it from there. On our last stay we even went off property and bought a long cord so we could do that (geeks). It WOULD be nice if they provided two connections though so you could have the option.

  • Kathy Werling

    This cord was so short you couldn’t get comfortable in bed with the laptop. I carry a spare ethernet cable with me but didn’t have my adapter to connect the two cables together. Then it wouldn’t have been so bad.

  • nwohioangela

    That makes sense Kathy. I’ll be bringing my extra one. Thanks for the review! We’ll be there in 15 days (11 work days, but who’s counting!)

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  • checkwriter

    The Nemo “theme” looks to me like it consists of bedspreads and a wallpaper border. They’re nice-looking rooms, don’t get me wrong, but I would have thought the theming would be a bit deeper.

  • trivial

    Shame about the TVs… Disney ought to use good-sized LCD TVs in all renovated rooms from now on.

  • torontogal

    I stayed here in Aug. 2008 during Hurricane Faye. We stayed in building 24 Martinque and to be honest – your photos look exactly like my room! I have to say I was disappointed. When they said “Nemo themed room” I was expecting something a little more instead of just wallpaper and bedspread. I was very disappointed with the leaks in the washroom which made the floor near the sinks all wet and slippery. We also did not have hot water on 2-3 nights. The maid did a horrible job cleaning our room and when we pulled back the bedspread – we noticed crumbs on the bed – yuck! I did like the food court area at this resort and the general lush plant life.

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