Fulfilled a 5 year old request!

| July 29, 2008

Many of you know about Sarah.  She’s the 13 year old young lady who has written a few blogs for me.  She’s a great kid with a special place in my heart.  Sarah has a mother who just happens to be terrific as well.  Her name is Kelsie.  Kelsie is a Dreams Unlimited Travel agent and someone I am proud to call my friend.

Without going into all the details, Kelsie and her family have had a rough couple of years.  It always seems that something happens to prevent Kelsie from taking a vacation.

Kelsie and family just returned from their much deserved Disneyland California vacation.  Below is an email she shared with her fellow Dreams Unlimited Travel agents.  With her permission I am sharing it with you all.  It is word-for-word as she wrote it – pictures and all.  I didn’t want to change a single, perfect word.

Back when Sarah was about 8 we were walking down Main Street in DL and she asked “Mom, where is Walt Disney?”. I explained to her that he was no longer alive and she said I know but where is he buried?  I told her someplace in California, why? And she said because I want to put some flowers on his grave to thank him.  That always stuck with me as a ‘Magic” moment and I told myself someday I would take her there.  Well, this was the trip.

Walt is buried in Forrest Lawn located in Glendale.  It’s a beautiful cemetery! His grave is located in the ‘Freedom’ area of the cemetery and is very easy to find. Here are some pictures:





Yep, someone actually left Chili and Crackers (rumored to be Walt’s favorite food and NO it wasn’t me!  lol)

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  • georgemoe

    Thanks for sharing Kelsie, Sarah, and John! Love the can of chili. A can of beans is also noted as one of Walt’s favorite meals. 8^)

  • calypso

    That’s wonderful Kelsie and Sarah — Now you’ve created *two* very special memories (and allowed all of us to be part of it!). I hope you’ll get to take another vacation soon. :)

  • Cyrano

    Hope we’ll get some more from Sarah and Kelsie.
    Enjoyed reading about Walt’s grave. Thank you John

  • cocowum

    Wow, that made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing it. I really love the pictures.

  • LilGMom

    What a wonderful “magic” moment! I got misty eyes reading this.

  • tinkbutt

    oh my gosh that is so cute and touching and just well magical!!!