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Brendan Fraser Q & A at Universal

| July 13, 2008

Brendan Fraser was at Universal’s “Revenge of the Mummy” ride on Friday afternoon promoting his new up and coming movie “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”.  This is the third Mummy movie to be made and in my opinion this one looks awesome.   There was a huge crowd on hand way before Fraser ever came out.  They were giving away all kinds of free stuff to the crowd (T-Shirts, DVD’s, Mummy Image Book).  There was a question and answer period where they asked the crowd questions related to past Mummy movies and gave away prize packs. One lucky guy won the grand prize drawing to be flown to California to see the screen release with Fraser himself!

Fraser also did a question and answer with the crowd.  One girl asked, “Who is your favorite female co-star to have ever worked with”.  Fraser replied the camel from the first movie.  He was kind of a goofy guy really, just being himself really loose and having a blast promoting this new release.  Universal is really pushing this new movie; I have seen that preview at least 25 times in the past few days.  Fraser was also in Chicago last night to give the starting command at the Sprint Life Lock 400 NASCAR race on Saturday night.  All in all it was a cool event for unsuspecting fans and guests at Universal on Friday afternoon.

Here are a few pictures from the event!

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  • cocowum

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a lot of fun. But my goodness look at that crowd!

  • UrsulasShadow

    Never mind Brendan…never mind the crowd…check out the Pharaohs in the first picture!!!

    Sorry, Will, I know….that’s no way for a future MIL to act…

  • mommyceratops

    George George George of the Jungle! Watch out for that tree!! He might be the mummy star but he will always be George to me!

  • Tonya2426

    Great report, Will! But why was Brandon Fraser wearing a long sleeved shirt in July in Orlando?!?!?! I am sweating just looking at him. :)

  • lmo429

    Pete was right! Poor Brendan Frasier is not aging gracefully!!! But there is still something appealing about him, he probably is a genuinely good guy and that shines through!

  • jamieT

    Oh he will always be cute!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HIM!~

  • Joseph Carter

    He looks very tired. Oh life as multi millionaire must be tough.


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