Last Day – International Food Festival

| June 27, 2008

Well today is the last day of our 7-night Royal Caribbean Cruise vacation onboard the Liberty of the Seas.

It is also a day at sea.

I woke to a very nice surprise….coffee and donuts in our room (Kevin woke up early and brought it back to the room).  Kevin then said that they were setting up for an International Food Festival in the Promenade. Awesome – that was the plan for lunch.

Part of the problem with sea days is the ship can get very crowded, especially in the more popular areas like the pools and food locations.  The International Food Festival was no exception – it was mobbed.  You could barely walk never mind get near the food stands.

At first this seemed like a really great idea, but I soon realized this was just the same food they had before, set-up in a slightly fancier way.

Sorrento’s had the same items set out as earlier in the week; olives, sun dried tomatoes, mini quiches and assorted cheese.  All very nice but nothing unique.

Further down was a bread table, then a pancake station, then a table with assorted cheese…ho hum.


At the farthest end was a dessert table that looked very nice but had the same desserts you could find on the buffet every night of the week….and in my opinion they were nothing special.


 The only exception to the humdrum offerings was outside the Irish Pub.  There they had Irish Stew and lamb dumplings.  Too bad that by the time we got close enough to get any I was so over the crowds I had to leave.

Good in theory RCCL..bad in execution.

The plan for the rest of the day is to relax, have dinner at Portofino again this evening and spend some time in the Casino.

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  • kab407

    Thank you for sharing you adventures guys. You were the one bright and calming spot on an otherwise frantic week. Enjoy your last day at sea and good luck in the casino.

    Kevin – will you bring coffee and donuts to my room during the Podcast Cruise? If it’s too much trouble, I can stop by yours!

  • Cyrano

    Nice thought Kevin regarding breakfast.
    Shame the food festival did not give any new offerings to review :(

  • UrsulasShadow

    Sure, post all the food porn at the end, then say it was “nothing special”. I wasn’t THERE! Therefore, it is SPECIAL!

    Durn, now I’m hungry again. You waited until the day I recommit to my diet to post this…

  • disneyholic family

    i find your comments about the crowds interesting. My sister “hates” cruises after having only been on one – with RCCL.
    When i ask her why, it appears that what put her off cruises were the crowds and lines.
    So i’m taking her on a disney cruise next year (the podcast cruise) to show her how it’s supposed to be done – hopefully that will be the case (DCL, pleeeeeze don’t fail me).

  • tinkbutt

    man all that foooooodddddd mmmmmmmm…….

    note to kevin: john’s idea of great vacation= deserted island LOL!

  • NikkiBell

    This was a riot to read. I have to agree, though, about being disappointed with spreads that are all hyped up with no reason. If they are going to advertise this as a special event, make it special dammit! ;)

  • DisneyWorld Delight

    Um, after a week you might find the food ho-hum, but sitting here in Ohio at my desk, well, I’m ready to swim in it. YUM-O.

  • rlduvall

    And yet I am sitting here salivating all over my keyboard. Ho-hum?? I think not! [of course, I'm getting ready to eat some Campbell's soup for dinner - how sad is that?]