More Info and Pics from Toy Story Midway Mania

| May 10, 2008

Today was the first day of the Annual Passholder Preview for Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We arrived at the park at about 2:30PM and it was Africa Hot!!! We made our way through the crowds towards the new Pixar Studios area of the park. We were greeted by polite, smiling cast members who asked to see our Annual Passes as well as a photo I.D.

Big kudos to these cast members for being as perky and nice as they were. Many folks who were not AP holders were being turned away and were not happy. The CM’s smiled and were as nice as can be as they turned these unhappy folks away.

Once we got passed the Mouse’s top security squad we entered the Pixar Studios ‘street’ – for lack of a better term. The old Who Wants to be a Millionaire area and attraction has been beautifully redone. I can’t want to see what might be going in across the street from Toy Story Midway Mania (see a previous blog for rumors).



We approached the queue line and was told it would be a 60 minute wait. I was not too happy with this news but I really wanted to ride the ride and the queue was really incredible. There is so much to see it’s almost overwhelming.




About 50 minutes later we were seated in our ride vehicles. Not too bad.

As you may or may not know Kevin and I are big guys and I must say we actually fit comfortably side-by-side in the ride vehicles. The worst part was the lack of leg room.



The biggest question we seem to be getting is about the ‘cannons’ and how they fire. These are not like the cannons on the Buzz Lightyear ride in the Magic Kingdom. More specifically, they do not have a trigger. There is a very short string that comes out of the back with a ball at the end. You pull the string towards you and release. It then recoils into the canon very quickly. At the end of the recoil the canon will fire. With some practice I’m sure you can learn to fire quite rapidly.



The targets and scenes are all state-of-the-art 3-D computer animations. They are truly some of the best 3-D graphics out there. The cars move from scene to scene in a smooth, fluid motion. No one will get sick on this ride. Each area is different with different targets and ‘ammo’. From pies, to darts, to rings and dishes – it is all very well done. There is even an interactive element. One example is that when balloons are popped you can feel a rush of air.

Your score is visible on a small screen in your ride vehicle and is also displayed to you at the final scene. High scores are displayed as you enter the rides unloading area. I’m sure this will cause cries of ‘I HAVE TO RIDE AGAIN’ as folks try to get their scores up on the big board.

There is no height restrictions on this ride. Kids of all ages can ride. Even the littlest of the little ones are welcome to ride on Mom or Dad’s lap – but some of the spinning and loud noise may be too much for some.

Disney has a winner on it’s hands with Toy Story Mania!!!!

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  • maiziezoe

    Great pictures!!! I cannot wait to go!!

    Thanks guys!

  • Cyrano

    Many don’t like the Pixarisation of the parks but I agree this looks a winner :)

  • UrsulasShadow

    NOW I get it!

    It actually does look like more fun than I thought originally. Thanks for the detail, John.

  • mandymommy4

    I am going to try and ride it today, should be a fun MOthers day! Thanks for the review! I am just curiouse to see how my hubby and I will ride in a car designed 4 and deal with 4 kids? Hopefully they will allow the 6 of us to sqish in ! Ha HA!

  • daneenm

    Looks really fun! Thanks for the details.

  • BillM99999

    Looks very cool. Hope it is ready in 3 weeks when we’re down there.

  • tinkbutt

    the street and ride look great!!!!I can’t wait to ride!!!

    just nine more days!!!!!

  • ADP

    Thanks for the report John. This attraction looks great. It is something the Studios needed desperately. I’ve always referred to the Studios as a “ride poor” park and this attraction will help attendence. It will also thin crowds from Sunset Blvd near Tower and Coaster. Can’t wait to ride!

  • kab407

    This looks so cool. I was hoping to get a sneak peak last week. Can’t wait til September. The photos are amazing. Thanks Kevin and John.

  • cocowum

    Wow this looks so cool!!! I can’t wait to ride!!! Thanks Kevin and John!

  • calypso

    I wish I didn’t have to another three months to give this baby a try. Hurry up and get here August!!!

  • Disney Khi

    Thanks for suffering through the Africa Hot and the 50 minute wait for us. I love all of the toys in the queue; they bring back great childhood memories. I cannot wait to ride this!

  • elemusing

    Thanks John! You answered every question I had and then some! I am looking forward to Africa Hot – it got COLD here in KY today! (What’s up with that?)

  • mommyceratops

    Wow! Thanks John!! You guys are awesome!!
    It is very cold in Indiana today!

  • toothdoc

    John thanks for a great review. Did you notice if this attraction will be FastPass or not.

  • John Magi

    Yes – there is a FastPass distribution area and sign for this ride.

    There is also a single rider line.

    Don’t miss our photo gallery of all of Kevin’s pictures –

  • Dodie

    You know, the Pirates game in Disney Quest has those cannons with the pull string. Once you get the hang of them, it’s fun. I know my husband will LOVE this ride!

  • Madi100

    Looks like lots of fun. Will you get in line for me now so I don’t have to wait in December?

  • MrsP55

    Hi there! It’s my first time posting here but I read your blog all the time!

    I am heading to Disney World one week from today! We are arriving on May 20 and returning May 25. Any idea if Toy Story Mania will be open to the public then? Thanks!

  • dizneedoll

    Thanks for the great review John. The pictures are awesome too Kevin. I can’t wait for this to open out here at DCA. I wonder if it will be an exact copy of the Florida version or if there will differences.. It will be interesting to find out.

  • LilGMom

    We headed to DHS immediately after checking into and getting settled into our AKL room to check out this ride. It is really great! It is really easy to get the hang of shooting the cannon (even my 2 yr. old scored 6500 points on his own) and the graphic are really wonderful. Our wait time on Sunday was only about 15 minutes and on Monday we had to wait about 25 minutes, so not too bad either day. Definately see this as being a very popular attraction.

  • tinkbutt

    I got to ride this awesome adventure 10 times on my recent vacation it is well worth the wait!!!!

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