New Monsters Inc. Boulevard and Dark Ride coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

| April 17, 2008

As many of you know Pete Werner is in California this week on a working vacation.  Interspersed among meetings he is getting some time to enjoy Disneyland California as well as socialize with random strangers (an aspect of the human condition that has eluded me personally).

I guess being sociable can pay off as Pete spent some time with a very knowledgeable Disney employee who shared some very cool insider information.

This unnamed Cast Member (of apparently some importance) works for Disney in Burbank and told Pete that John Lasseter has really invigorated the Imagineering department at Disney.  So much so that they are getting excited about new projects and ideas in a way they haven’t been in years.  Mr. Lasseter is also working to bring in new/younger Imagineers.  Currently, the average age of the Disney Imagineer is 47 and they are afraid that they might lose that ‘talent’ if older Imagineers retire and there are no new ones to replace them.

Mr. Lasseter is also instrumental in integrating the Pixar brand more into the overall Disney consciousness, as evidenced by Toy Story the Musical on the Disney Cruise Line, the new Pixar inspired parades at Disney World and Disneyland, the soon-to-be-debuted Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) as well as something new on the slate for DHS – a whole new area based on Monsters Inc.

This area will be a Boulevard all it’s own within DHS.  We do not know if this will replace a current area/street at the Studios theme park or if it will be added to the current footprint of the park somehow.

This new Boulevard/area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be themed based on Monsters Inc. and will include a new ‘dark ride’ based on the ‘door scene’ from the movie.  This is the scene that expands on the premise that the Monster world gains access to the human world via the closet doors in children’s rooms.  We can only imagine what the Disney Imagineers might come up with based on the scene in the movie where the doors fly by on ‘drycleaner’ type apparatus and open up to new rooms and adventures for Sully and Mike.

The new area at Disney Hollywood Studios, as well as the new ride, are both still in the concept stage and has not been finalized yet, but Pete is confident the information is sound based on the source.

Thanks to Pete Werner for getting us this info.

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  • mandymommy4

    Thanks for sharing the exciting news! I personally am excited about a “door scene” ride! Anyone who has seen MI probably has had the same thought “this would make a great ride.” I just hope they do something really cool an unpredictable, IE Peter Pan. But no matter what I’m all for more family rides at the studios!

  • cocowum

    Wow, that sounds really exciting! Thanks for the info. I can’t wait to hear more. :)

  • DisneyWorld Delight

    When watching MI, I HAVE thought that scene would make a good ride, mandymommy4. I just hope it’s more exciting than riding a “mover” and looking in on scenes in door openings.

    Monsters, Inc. needs more merchandise and dedicated space. In Feb, at WDW, I searched EVERYWHERE for a Boo Doll, (non 2″ plastic mold thank you very much.) Didn’t find one.

    I eventually found one in the real world at a Disney Store.

  • artman

    IMHO the Disney/Pixar merger is potentially the best thing to happen at Disney in a very long time. If Lasseter is allowed to run free we could see some really cool things.

  • georgemoe

    Thanks John. Really looking forward to this.

  • mommyceratops

    Thanks John (and Pete)I can’t wait!!

    (I have to agree with you on the socializing! LOL!)

  • DisneyCruise05

    Thanks John and Pete for the update! As alot of us have said, the door scene would make an amazing attraction. Zipping along those rails would be quite fun.

    Artman: you’re totally right. I can’t see many negative things coming out of this merger. I would love to be an Imagineer. Hearing that they want to get some new brains into the think-pot is great news. Guess I should update my resume!

  • jamieT

    A new blog…Finally I was going through withdrawls! Ha

    Monsters Inc has so much potential I have long wondered why they haven’t invested more of it into Disney World. Looks like they are finally getting around to it.

  • miss missy

    How fun! Thanks for the info! I so want to fall through a door into a monsters world!! YAY!

  • crazydisneyman

    When I originally saw the movie I immediately thought that it would make an excellent ride. I am however hoping for a roller coaster. It is showed that way in the movie so this would hold true. They could make it a ‘slow’ ride and make it appear that you are moving quickly however. This sounds really cool, and I am glad to see Disney and Pixar working together like this.

  • tinkbutt

    oh too fun I am so excited


  • Joejoedisney

    Why not copy Universal for once. They have no problem coping Disney. Working the Spiderman ride concept from Islands of Adventure into this attraction would be amazing. Actual ride and 3-D mixed together could open a world of possibilities for it. I would love to see Disney incorporate this into something at the parks.