Water Parks vs. Resort Pools – Why do you pack a bathing suit?

| April 10, 2008

It’s safe to say that the majority of people that come to Walt Disney World pack a bathing suit for their trip, whether they end up using it or not is another thing. For me, it’s one of the first things I think about. Does my bathing suit still fit? Is it time to upgrade? Now that Julie does the packing for me, she’s the one asking me these questions :) . “Babe, are you fine with your bathing suit? I don’t want to hear you complain that it doesn’t fit once we leave”. I am more than willing to pack my own stuff, but she’s not willing to wait until an hour before we leave for me to do so. I’ll never forget the Disney Cruise that Julie forgot to pack my suit. I ended having to buy a cheesy Mickey Mouse one at the gift shop. I swear this thing had 12 pockets on it – I gave that one to my dad.

What is it about vacationing and pools that go so well together? For some, it’s a time to relax with a book and forget about the worries of home. Others have a mission of getting the best tan possible while strategically rubbing a variety of suntan lotion on all parts of their body like it’s an art (Julie). Then there are those that want to spend the whole day swimming and going on slides to the point of exhaustion. Some spend time at pools just for their kids. For me, I’d rather grab a cold beer and an iPod and just burn in the sun.

Why do you pack a bathing suit for your vacation? Are you looking forward to the water parks, taking advantage of the resort pools, or both?

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I was born and raised in New Orleans and received my degree from Louisiana State University in Graphic Design. I did the WDW College program during the summer of 1997 as a Blizzard Beach Lifeguard. Moved to Orlando immediately after college and started with the DIS shortly after in 2001. I am currently the President of the DIS, including disboards.com and wdwinfo.com, and a member of the DIS Unplugged podcast team. I am the proud father of two beautiful children (Ferris and Finley) and husband to an incredible wife and mother. I have a passion for Art, Design, Technology, Photography, Social Media, and Sushi. Other organizations I am involved with include the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida and the LSU Alumni of Central Florida.
  • cocowum

    I pack a suit for each day of our trip. :) DD and DH love swimming in the resort pool. Me, I prefer TL. We start with the speed slides, then move over to the wave pool and end our day floating on the lazy river! :)

  • Madi100

    I pack a suit to maybe use it once. We’ve yet to do the waterparks, although we discuss it every time. I’m not too excited about waterparks. We pack it because we visit Florida in December and it’s fun to go home and say that we just spent the week in warm Florida swimming.

  • http://www.wdwinfo.com WebmasterRegina

    Can someone please explain to me why men’s swimsuits come with pockets? Are you going swimming with your wallets and keys? How about kleenex?

    This is one of life’s many mysteries.

  • http://www.wdwinfo.com/disteam/corey.htm Corey Martin

    Pockets are to hold money for beer and an ID. :)

  • mandymommy4

    I pack a bathing suit for the sheer pleasure of seeing people run for buckets of water thinking a wale has beached itself….. All joking aside its to show off all the trophies I earned from being pregnant with 4 huge children!

  • robertgp124

    Pockets are to hold things my wife has assigned me to carry.

  • tinkbutt

    I like to pack a suit for both

    the rapids at AK help too!!! but for me when I go to Disney it is hard to waist a whole day at the pool!

    For me the more Disney the better you can swim in a pool at home!

  • UrsulasShadow

    I pack a suit to have something to wear underneath the shorts and t-shirt at the pool.

  • dizneedoll

    Hey Corey..you asked what is it about vacations and pools that go so well together…for me it is childhood memories. I remember visiting Disneyland and staying at the campground which is long gone sadly (the Mickey and Friends parking garage now sits there). As much as I loved the Park, it was the daytime swimming breaks I loved the most. The pool there was nothing fancy at all, no theming, no slides, no nothing. And it was always jam packed but I loved every minute of it and would reluctantly leave to go and get ready to go back into Disneyland. Nowadays, I’m a little more shy of putting on that swimsuit!! And the last two times I packed one for WDW it unfortunately never left the suitcase!!

  • aGoofyMom

    Spending the day by the pool, not worrying about getting dressed in anything but your swimsuit and maybe your favourite cover up just screams relaxation and luxury at the same time. And you don’t have to go to a spa and pay through the nose for it. The luxury of just simply being and nothing more.

    The other luxury – even if you are one to head for the water parks or slides & go go go…(I haven’t made it to BB or TL yet) is the small fact that you likely aren’t wearing your watch. For most of us, day to day life means answering to the clock. To spend a day without that tick tock counting us down from one deadline to another allows us to be carefree – at least for a little while. And that is what vacation is all about.

  • Halliesmommy01

    I pack a suit for both. I love the waterparks but we love hitting a pool after a long day in the parks. Usually we go to a quiet pool where there are less people and it is a great way to end the day.

  • safetymom

    Going swimming reminds of the time I got to spend with my family. We also went swimming when I lived at home. It is just great to relax at the pool and jump in to play Marco Polo or something.

  • RobandJan

    I’m on Corey’s beer and burn program !!

  • daneenm

    We love to pool and the water parks! Not too much for baking in the sun – it takes about 5 minutes for my fair skin to be lobster red. So, we try to pick a ‘home base’ in the shade to escape the sun.

  • crazydisneyman

    We always go to at least one waterpark when we go to Disney. How could you not go? I absolutely love the wave pool at Typhoon and Summit Plummet at Blizzard. I also love to just come back from the parks during the day and go swimming and find a nice desk chair and relax. It gets you off your feet that you abused at the parks, and let’s you take a breath and get away from it all for awhile. Corey, I was a life guard for many years, so it’s nice to hear from another life gurad about the pools and waterparks.

  • miss missy

    Well for us, we dont do pool time. Are you kidding me, why sit by the pool when you can be at a park?? No way Jose!

    But this trip we have the free water park option. I went once with DD but I was not into doing it myself. I since lost weight and think I can be ok in that bathing suit LOL so we do plan to hit one this time. Do I have the guts to try Summit?? Heck ya!! Can’t wait!

  • trivial

    I brought my bathing suit for the resort pool… specifically the hot tub at the end of the day. For our next trip with kids, we’ll probably dip in the resort pool during our daily mid-afternoon breaks. We didn’t use the water parks, and don’t have plans to next time. It adds a hefty chunk to park tickets (especially if you’re planning on going for just one day), and we’d rather spend our time in the regular parks. If we ever find ourselves being able to visit for more than a week, we might give the water parks a shot.

    Regarding pockets… I’ve never understood that either. But I forgot my bathing suit on our last trip and bought one at Disney World. It had a pocket with a water-proof compartment, which I found handy for keeping my room key on me.




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