Am I the Only One?

| April 8, 2008

Ok, I know it has now been three weeks since Enchanted was released on DVD; but, am I the only one who rushed out on March 18th and bought it?  I must admit I am a little bit of a freak for this great, relatively new Disney movie.  I saw it twice in the theater!  Corey took me to see it when it first came out and then, over Christmas, I took my little sis to a showing in Louisiana. 

The weekend after I bought it we saw it twice!  Once with Corey’s parents and then again with his parents and sister!  Now I am up to 4 viewings and I find myself wanting to watch it all over again quite often.  The Happy Working song plays in my head constantly and I wish I had cute little animals to help me with my housework.  Hopefully, I am not the only person out there obsessed with this wonderful addition to the Disney movie collection!

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  • Cyrano

    No, we had it on order for USA release. Rather than wait for region 2 on 7th April. Daily my daughter kept asking when will customs release it.
    This is one of the best Disney films in a long time.
    I don’t mind admiting that this hits all the buttons and tear ducks :)

  • ragtopday

    I love this movie too! I am as much of geek as you, as I also bought it the day it was released. I am amazed at how great it is, on so many different levels. Definitely on my personal Top 10 list of all time!

  • robertgp124

    I have to confess, we haven’t seen it yet. My wife has it at the top of our Netflix que now. I did go to look at the soundtrack and noticed a song called “Into the Well.” The clip on iTunes sounded rather ominous – is Ursula’s Shadow in the movie, does this involve a cistern?

  • Tonya2426

    I LOVE Enchanted – had to see it opening day and had to buy it on release day. But I loaned it to my sister and now I want to watch it, again. Guess the soundtrack will have to do.

    And Happy Working Song it great but does anyone else get skeeved out when the rat pulls the hair out of the bathtub drain? It grosses me out so much that I have to turn my head when that part comes on the screen.

  • ihearttink04

    I am right there with you Julie, I LOVE Enchanted too and I have seen it 3 times!

    I also have the soundtrack and love it a well!

  • cocowum

    Nope, you’re not alone! Mywhole family loves this movie! we usually pop it in on the weekends. I love the song “How will she know?” it’s my favorite! I have to admit I do turn my head when the Bird eats the Roach. :(

  • cocowum

    Even DH loves it!

  • jamieT

    I too love love love this movie. I really wasn’t so excited when I saw the previews, but on one of our 800 rainy gray days I took the kids to the cheap show and we saw it. I am sad that the previews didn’t reach out and say this is the best Disney movie yet go see it! After we saw the movie the theatre cleared very quickly. My 4 yr old and I went to the front and had a princess waltz!! This may end up being my favorite movie of all time just for that, besides the fact that it is truely one of the best things Disney has done in a very long time! (oh because my daughter is 4 I have the cover of watching it everyday since it was released because SHE wants to!)

  • WebmasterRegina

    The first time I saw it was at my son’s future in-laws house. I had it in my future DIL’s Easter basket and she wanted everyone to see it. Us Disney geeks were fixated on it while the non-believers were trying to talk to us. (The nerve.)

    Luckily, the Easter Bunny also bought it for ME!! (Okay, I bought it for myself as well as for everyone else.) It is such a sweet movie, I love it. Amy Adams is perfect as a princess come to life.

  • hayanyujah847

    I still haven’t seen it yet…but it’s on my Amazon wishlist. In due time. :)

  • Minniemouse07

    LOVE IT!

    My favorite song is “How Will She Know?” I love how over the top the production of it is as they travel around Central Park. :)

    I didn’t pick it up the day it was released…but had it to watch that weekend!

    Dd (7yo) and I saw it in the movies and then we watched it twice after owning it.

    I think I’ll watch it again this weekend!

  • scarlett873

    We saw it once in the theater when it first ame out. And then I went and bought it the day it was released on DVD! I love this movie!!

  • klam_chowder

    I loved it too! Amy Adams did a wonderful job. I’m happy to see she’s landed quite a few other movie roles since.

    When Enchanted came out, we’d just come back from spending T’giving in NYC and we stayed at Columbus Circle so all those scenes were great cuz we’d cut thru the Time Warner building to pick up water at Whole Foods, etc.

    The “Welcome to New York”, “Oh, Thank You!” exchange was LOL hilarious.

  • aGoofyMom

    I loved it! I had it preordered & had to send DH to pick it up as I was away at Fire College when it was released. I have the Happy Working Song and How Does She Know? on my MP3 player. DD was thrilled when Giselle’s wedding dress showed up beside the tree at Christmas(too big to go under it) – she plans to wear it when we are down in a few weeks & she gets her next BBB makeover.

  • WaltD4Me

    Nope! You aren’t the only one. I saw Enchanted 3 times in the theatre and I NEVER do that. I love, love, love the mixing of cartoon and “real”…I love the whole idea of the movie and I thought Amy Adams was amazing as Giselle. The rest of the cast too, but I thought Amy Adams SO captured a Disney princess. I bought Enchanted the day it came out on DVD too and have watched it 3 times so far. Just loved it!

  • mandymommy4

    Julie, We bought Enchanted the day it came out and had an Enchanted party! DH and DS were suppose to play video games while my 3 DD’s (4,3,2) and I spread a blanket on the floor and had pizza and pop corn! While my son was going on a snack run the “Happy Working Song” number was on and it caught his attention and he ended up watching the rest of the movie with us! I love Enchanted b/c it’s the only movie my kids can all agree on watching, princess’ for the girls and Pip and the cleaning roaches for my son! Disney hit a home run with this!

  • mommyceratops

    Watched it! Even my DH enjoyed it!!

    Korben and I were there at Target right after school the day it came out!!!!! :)

  • Madi100

    I love this movie. I bought it the day it came out and we saw in on Thanksgiving Day. Such a good movie. I have not had a chance to watch it on DVD yet, but hoping to soon.

  • UrsulasShadow

    I gotta say, the cheese factor is way up there on this movie (I know, it’s supposed to be!).

    But I did love the “Into the Well” song…over and over in my head.

  • daneenm

    Did not run out to buy it, but we did rent and watch it a couple of weeks ago. Even DH liked it (It saw his foot tapping to the music!).

  • rlduvall

    I also loved this movie. My son and I went and saw it at the theater and then I pre-ordered it through the Disney Store. I personally want Prince Edward over Robert (shh, don’t tell my hubby). I love the ending where he and Nancy are running on the streets of New York to go back to his world. It was so nice to see them not make Nancy unlikable; she had a beautiful heart, too. (I’m gonna cry – lol) I wanna go to that world!!!!!!

  • dpuck1998

    Love the movie, although I only get to hear it playing in the back of car now.

  • Corey Martin

    Julie forgot to mention that her goal is to memorize every word of the Happy Working Song. I can just see her now – cleaning the house while trying to get our dogs to help.

  • Tonya2426

    Thankfully min pins have docked tails or I would get skeeved out imagining Julie trying to train the dogs to remove hair from the shower drains. :)

  • Minnie Lor

    I love the movie Enchanted. I saw the first week it was at the theater. I saw it with my mom who ‘got it’ and my sister and niece who didn’t ‘get it’. The latter two thought it was stupid and sappy but their the same people that harass me about going to WDW every other year. They’ve been when my niece was little and think that it’s for ‘little kids’. As I said, they don’t ‘get it’. They’re missing the ‘Disney gene’.

    I bought the DVD and can’t wait to watch it. I’m holding out for the new TV. We’re using our tax rebate for a flat screen. :-)

  • DisneyCruise05

    Few comments:

    Number one…my mom and I went to go see Enchanted a few days after it came out. Sadly, we couldn’t see it the day it came out like the 2nd and 3rd Pirates (which we saw at midnight, thank you very much…). So here we were, a 21 year old male and his mother, ready to see the newest Disney film. And guess what…we were the only people in the bloody theatre! It was excellent!

    Second: I would like to point out that I was probably the first person in my city to purchase Enchanted. I headed to the store at 11:40 PM to start my “must-get-it-at-midnight-so-get-out-of-my-way” ritual. Now I live in a college town…not just a college town, but a highly conservative, small-town college town smack dab in the middle of South-Central Texas.

    I got a coupon in my DVD for the Blue-Ray edition. Now, I don’t own a HDTV, let alone a Blue-Ray player. However…I’m very tempted to purchase the movie just so that when I get the player, I have to something to watch. I really want to see the version where they show the parallels between Enchanted and the classic Disney movies.

  • Heather

    You aren’t alone, Julie. I LOVE Enchanted, and bought it the morning it came out on DVD. I’m really disappointed there isn’t much (if anything) in the parks for Enchanted. I was lucky enough to see Enchanted as the pre-parade they did as promo for the DVD, at least.