Are You a Rising Star?

| March 31, 2008

Rising Star LogoOn Saturday night, after squeezing ourselves through the crowd at Universal Studios, we went with several friends to check out Universal Citywalk’s newest club, a karaoke joint called Rising Star (formerly known as City Jazz).  They have karaoke seven nights a week.  Tuesday thru Saturday the “performers” sing with a live band and two back-up singers/dancers.  On Sunday and Monday they feature tradional karaoke.  There are tables as well as booths on the main floor and tables upstairs in the balcony area (this is also where the restrooms are located, so it might be smart to sit on the upper level).

The band sounded great!  The back-up singers/dancers were good, but a little spastic; and, the host may have been on something illegal.  No one should be that excited about terrible singers butchering someone’s favorite song.  Did I mention he was wearing knee high, white patent leather boots and had black stars painted in his overly bleached hair?

Now there were a few singers that truly did a great job, and then there were all the others that screeched their way through every line.  One of those “nails on the chalkboard” performances came from a friend of ours.  Imagine how hard it was to lie to her and say, “No, really, it wasn’t that bad.”  The drinks were a little pricey and the food was just ok, but we had a great time making fun of the tipsy people who thought they could sing.

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  • mommyceratops

    Memo to everyone going on the cruise sing karoke with Julie! :)

    Thanks for telling us about it Julie! Anything else you want to tell me?! ;)

  • UrsulasShadow

    Is there karaoke on the ship???? Way cool! Another way to torture my nearest and dearest!

  • elemusing

    I love the way you called them “performers.” (with quotes.) hee hee

  • crazytp93

    The host might have been on something illegal. Lol Julie.

  • hayanyujah847

    lol that sounds fun! I can’t imagine singing karaoke with a live band.

  • tinkbutt

    sounds like the Host had one of those will and grace curtains that suddenly gives you a personality!! LOL