Velvet Sessions

| March 29, 2008

Velvet SessionsJulie and I went to Velvet Sessions Thursday night to see Jimi Jamison (the lead singer from Survivor) at the Hard Rock Hotel. These songs take me way back to the 7-inch record days of my childhood with songs like “Eye of the Tiger”, “I can’t Hold Back”, “The Search Is Over”, “Burning Heart”,  and “High on You”. This entire event takes place in the lobby and the band sets up at the far end on a stage. For the most part they sounded really good, but an hour into the show Jimi was getting a little winded. You can always tell when the lead singer is getting tired, because they constantly point the microphone to audience and let them finish the songs. Come on, I didn’t come here to hear a Survivor groupie in front row sing “Eye of the Tiger”.

If you’ve never been to Velvet Sessions, it’s something you should really check out if your vacation falls during the last Thursday of the month. This is an adult only event that usually draws a mature local crowd, and some people get really dressed up. The cost is $25 per person and doors open at 6:30pm with complimentary “specialty” drinks, beer, and h’orderves until 8:30. That’s when the band starts playing. This was a last minute thing for us, so we didn’t get there until 7:30 which means I only had one hour to take advantage of the complimentary food. I really hate going to these things hungry, because Julie ends up following me around while I chase down all the food girls. Do you know how many morsels it takes to put a dent in my stomach? The specialty drinks and beer they serve depends on who the sponsor is for the night, so that always changes. We usually just make our way to the bar and purchase a glass of wine – I can’t do sweet mixed drinks. Once the band starts the food and drinks stop, but they do bring out tiny desserts during the concert. Needless to say, I was starving by 10pm so we walked over to Jimmy Buffett’s at CityWalk and had a late night dinner.

Coconut Crusted Chicken – This was one of the food items they were serving.

The beer of the night was Miller Chill. This photo was taken at 9:30pm, an hour after they stopped serving the complimentary drinks. They couldn’t even give this crap away.

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  • cocowum

    Thanks for posting Corey. It looks like alot of fun! I love that you use photos in your blogs! You and Julie look awesome! Great picture!

  • UrsulasShadow

    Ahhh, Corey, a red wine drinker just like me!

    Velvet Sessions looks like a “must do” now that you’ve described it, and thank goodness for pics. I have a tendency to underdress, and I’d hate to have shown up there in my cargoes and tee shirt! Now I can see what’s expected…although I would never be as beautiful as the lovely Julie.

  • mommyceratops

    Albums? You remember Albums?!
    You and Julie are the cutest couple!!! Thanks CorEy!!!!

  • maiziezoe

    You two are adorable!

    I now have “Eye of the Tiger” playing in my head… over and over. :)

  • WebmasterRegina

    HEY NOW!! Don’t go dissing the beer. I happen to like Miller Chill, but cans? I’m an elegant sort of lady and prefer drinking straight from a bottle, with my pinky raised. (That touch lends a bit of panache to my chugging.)

    I’ve been around you when you’re hungry. I’m guessing you took that nice girls’ pix right before you grabbed the entire tray.

  • klam_chowder

    Now this pic would have helped wildeoscar!

  • calypso

    Thank you Corey and Julie — As I middle-aged mom whose life consists of being a chauffeur for her teenagers, I am living vicariously through you! So keep goin’ out there and havin’ fun!!!