Would you like some cheese with your whine?

| March 27, 2008

Aw, isn’t it sweet when you hear Kevin and John talk about their pin collecting days? Doesn’t it sound like they had ever so much fun? They’re leaving out one teeny detail; they would coerce any and every one to get pins for them. Listen closely to a podcast and imagine the two of them teaming up to create “the perfect whine.” You thought they’d end up on life support if you didn’t get them the pin they wanted.

“Regina, you’re going to Epcot for the Millennium with 173,000,000 other people? Get us the pin.” “You’re going to your first MNSSHP? Get us the pin. Be sure you go directly to the Camera Center. We want the pins, not the framed set. They’ll let you get two. Once you get them, race to the back of the park to see if they’re selling them there too.” They were always so helpful.  

My favorite was when they wanted THE ULTIMATE PIN. This was no ordinary piece of metal; this one was the size of a hubcap. (They sent me a picture of it, just in case I confused it with other non-existent platter sized pins.) Where does one get such a treasure? Why on the Disney Magic’s first Panama Canal crossing.

On this particular voyage, DCL planned on having plenty of food for 14 days, there were always activities going on and each night we enjoyed a new show. What they forgot to do was make enough pins. This minor detail was discovered when they started to sell the limited edition pins for each port of call. Let’s just say there were some diehard pin collectors on that cruise and it got a bit tense. Fortunately, John and Kevin weren’t interested in the port pins, so I kept my eye on the prize, the big Kahuna, and waited for it to go on sale.

Ultimately, in their infinite wisdom, DCL decided to distribute vouchers for the remaining series of pins along with one for the hubcap at Beat Street first thing on a chosen morning.  Okay, we’ll get up early, get the vouchers and get the mutant pin.

No sooner did we take a picture of our towel animal and have our nightly chocolate than the phone rang. “Regina, people are lining up NOW!! You have to get down here if you want that pin.”

We quickly change out of our jammies, head to Beat Street and find the line had  reached the atrium. We’re Disney people and do what Disney people do when they see a line, we get on it. Before too long, I could see my hubby’s starting to fade and I send him back to the stateroom to get some sleep and join me later.  (Misery loves company and I wasn’t letting him completely off the hook.)

By the time they started giving out the vouchers that morning; the line had stretched to and wove through Parrot Cay. It was like some sort of surreal refugee camp.  Was this what my grandparents experienced when they came to America via Ellis Island?  I wonder how they made out at Bingo and which drink of the day was their favorite?
So that’s how I became part of the now legendary Disney Magic sleepover. John and Kevin, wanted, nay, they NEEDED that pin and I was not going to let a simple thing like sleep stop me from getting it for them.

And they complain about a 7am breakfast………………………

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  • cocowum

    OMG Regina, that is too funny! :)

    You know how Men are… Take, take, take! ;)

    Always complaining… just kidding guys!

    Regina, you’re great at this blogging thing!:)

  • UrsulasShadow

    Hmmmm, trying to work up some sympathy here…
    You were able to go to
    a) The millenium celebration
    b) The very first MNSSHP, and
    c) The very first, 14-day long Panama Crossing cruise,

    and you complain that you need to get PINS?
    Hmmmmm, whine needs more cheese.

    (JK, Regina…this cracks me up! You earn it!)

  • http://www.wdwinfo.com WebmasterRegina

    I didn’t go to the first MNSSHP, it was just the first time that I was able to go to one. And what was the number one thing we did? Race to the Camera Center for the &#)@ pins.

    Beware the pin pleading.

  • http://podcast.wdwinfo.com John Magi

    Yes – poor Regina. She was asked to get us pins while she was attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or while on a 14-day cruise through the Panama Canal.

    Wait while I wipe my eyes from the flood of tears.

    Now that we have all attended Miss Regina’s pity party let’s let her get back to her job – writing about Disney.

  • http://www.wdwinfo.com WebmasterRegina

    Asked? Try “Regeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena, can you please, pleeeease, pleeeeeease get us these pins or our lives will not be worth living?

    No pressure, none at all.

  • jamieT

    Oh John,, we really never hear enough from you..You are too funny!

  • MenashaCorp

    When O When will Webmaster Regina be in the Peanut Gallery for the PodCast? The repartee would be classic! Then she might get as much “quit picking on” love as Bawb!!

  • aprinceandprincess

    Regina, another great blog. I can’t imagine waiting in a line for a pin. Oh wait, when we went to MNSSHP in Oct. I made the family head straight to the pins after our dinner at LTT. Had to have the event pin!

  • DisneyWorld Delight

    How did Kevin and John know they were lining up for pins, on a ship, in the middle of the ocean?

  • http://podcast.wdwinfo.com Kevin Klose

    The “Poor Abused Regina” fund raiser will be held during the Podcast Cruise.

    Yes…”Poor Abused Regina” is being forced to go on yet another Disney cruise….as part of her job.

    All of you lucky enough to have jobs where you are not burdened with going on Disney Cruises or attending Disney events will want to dig deep and contribute.

    Come on folks…think of how this poor woman has suffered. Forced to stand in line at the Milennium Celebration, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and while on a 14 night Panama Canal Cruise.

    I ask you….has she not suffered enough?

  • miss missy

    I think John and Kevin owe YOU a lifetime of favors! Anyone who would miss SLEEP over a gosh darn pin of any kind… deserves a HUGE payback!

    Next time, make that ressie at 5AM!! :) :)

  • http://www.wdwinfo.com WebmasterRegina

    Oh brother, is that violin music I hear in the background?

    For the record, the pin crusades were all during my vacations. When John’s lower lip started quivering and Kevin’s eyes welled up, I couldn’t say no.

    DisneyWorldDelight, don’t underestimate them. Somehow they orchestrated the diabolical plan that had me spend the night sitting on a cold, hard marble floor.

    Miss Missy, I like how you think.

  • ladydanger

    I’m awed and amazed by Kevin and John’s power of knowing what other people are doing on cruise ships hundreds of miles away from their compound in Florida right as they’re doing it! If only they could figure out how to use this talent for the betterment of humanity!