Hollywood Studios new “Block Party Bash” We want Mickey Mouse!!!!!Spoiler alert

| March 10, 2008

Sunday March 9th kicked off the Hollywood Studios new”Disney/Pixar Block Party Bash”. This was the first sneek peek of the parade. The Official date for the parade is going to be March 14 at 3PM.

There are some things you need to know upfront for viewing this parade.

Unlike every other parade at Disney, this parade stops and performs for 15 minutes in two specific locations along the parade route. The parade starts at the front of the park next to Sid’s and marches up Hollywood Blvd. and stops in front of the large Mickey’s Sorcerors hat.  Once in position the first show is 15 minutes long. Notice I say show, it is at the time the parade stops is when it then transforms into a show. Once the show is finished the parade moves over past the old ABC Studio /future American Idol Theater making a second stop near the Sounds Dangerous Drew Carey theater. The parade stretches all the way back to Hollywood Blvd right where it took the left hand turn. This is where the second show takes place. Again it is 15 minutes long.

I had no warm fuzzies watching this parade, even though it was a very high energy experience. Don’t take me wrong, there is plenty of action going on during the shows. I just can’t wait to see how the crew in the parade deal with the “Hot as the Sun” heat this summer. You heard it here first. This parade will get canceled more often in the afternoon if there is any rain in the area. It will be too dangerous for some of the cast, if the parade route is wet. I digress. Sorry too early for my rant. Check below for that.


trampoline 3


Trampoline 5

The parade is very interactive between the cast and characters and guests during each show. Each show takes on several familiar songs that get the guests involved in whats going on around them. Songs like YMCA, Staying Alive, The Macarena, and Shout were played during the show portion of the Parade.

Do the Macarena

The crowd was encouraged to come out in the street to join along in the dance with the characters and cast.

Dance with the Characters

Dance with the crowd child

During the show Mr and Mrs Incredible rise up from inside two of the floats.

Mr Incredible

Mrs Incredible rises up

A word of caution for those in the front row watching the Disney’s/Pixar Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash. There are characters and cast members moving around rapidly during the show. It is highly recommended to keep a close watch on younger children to keep them out of the path of the characters and cast members on the scooters.


This parade was used in California in California Adventure at Disneyland. The floats look to be the ones that were used in California in my opinion.

At this point I will start my Rant of this parade/show. You have been warned.

I really missed the Disney characters that had been in the Stars Motorcade parade. What was sad to me is the parade did not include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or any of the FAB 5 characters. Is this a plan I believe on Disney’s part to remove Mickey and his friends from this park completely? Think about it, right now the only time you see the traditional Disney characters is over at Fantasmic during that performance at night.

Mickey Fantasmic

The rest of the Disney characters are on the riverboat at the end of the show.

Fantasmic Riverboat

Is it my imagination but the Disney Hollywood Studios seems to be more like Pixar Hollywood Studios. The newly named Disney-Pixar Block Party Bash is a prime example. Hey Disney, you forgot to put any Disney in the parade. You put Pixar in the parade but no traditional Disney characters. What is the scoop on that? You have some spare cars kicking around from the last parade. Why not throw Mickey in the lead car with Minnie. I know for a fact Pluto and Goofy would be more than glad to run around the parade route with all the other Pixar characters. And Donald is always ready to get out of the house for a good gig. Seeing they are now unemployeed since the finish of the Stars and Cars parade that just ended. Come on give the FAB 5 a break. Help the economy get jump started by give them a job. Rumor has it that Minnie has been crying out behind the Fantasmic Stage for days now about losing her afternoon job in the parade. All she has now, is watching SOAPS on ABC. Was that the plan, increase the viewing numbers on the ABC soaps by laying off the Disney Characters?

Monsters Inc

Why do I get this picture in my head of Mickey and the other Fab 5 standing outside the gate with their hands on the bars saying”We use to big the big stars in there. Now we are on the outside. Is that a tear I see running down Mickey’s cheek. I picture him pointing from outside the gate one night to the others calling attention to his statue sitting  on the Earth up above the souvenier spot just inside the entrance to Pixar Hollywood Studios oops I meant Disney Hollywood Studio saying, “look they forgot to get rid of that reference to me guys”.

Mickey on top of the world

Farewell Mickey. Whats next? Are you going to go over to Epcot to check on things there.

Mickey and Minnies last ride

Is this the end of Mickey at Hollywood Studios? Is he being relegated to the top of the Entrance to Hollywood Studios and in the new logo for the studios? What is this all about.!!! Does Disney have a plan to shut out the Fab 5 from this park? If this concerns you as much as it does me I want to hear from you. Next time you enter Pixar Hollywood Studios aka Disney Hollywood Studios ask where the best spot is to see Mickey during the day in this park.

Thats my blog for today. I will be gathering more information on the new parade/show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the near future. Just a closing remark from me. This Parade/show is going to be a large pain in the neck for people to make sure they are in the right spot to view it.

Rant Over you may now return to you regulaly scheduled program.

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  • UrsulasShadow

    Wow…a Bawb rant! I may have to frame this!
    I don’t hate Pixar. I’m not so much of a traditionalist…I like new and improved. But this doesn’t sound like an improvement at all. Thanks for the review, Bob.

  • tinkerbellblondie19

    Quite the rant there. If there is any one place that I believe the Fab 5 have to be, it’s the parades. This is definitely disappointing.

  • ADP

    You make a good point Bawb. Mickey and friends seem to be exiting DHS. What’s funny is they are removing Mickey, but yet he is predominantly pictured all over the new DHS logo. It just doesn’t seem right.

  • Cyrano

    Hmmm.. I love both traditional Disney as well as Pixar. For the moment I think Lassiter will be good for Disney so think that I’ll ponder this one.

    Bob ranting, never thought I’d read this ;)

  • MenashaCorp

    Rants are what we live for!! Go Bawb!!

    Just an observation: Pixar is currently “out-Disneying” Disney. Mickey’s not going away; it all started with a Mouse, after all. Mickey doesn’t have to be THE center of attention of everything @WDW to be The Man/Mouse.

  • http://www.tonya2426.blogspot.com Tonya2426

    Did he say the Macarena?!?!?! Oh my, it’s like a bad wedding reception. :)

    It sounds like the parade is rather frenetic – scooters, trampolines, stopping here, stopping there, dancing, Incredibles rising out of floats. What ever happened to just watching as floats go by? I must be getting older than I thought. lol

  • ihearttink04

    I do not think that I would be a big fan of the parade but I don’t think it is a bad idea to use the Pixar characters more. I think they are the new Disney, they are still Disney, even if they are Pixar. It is what todays kids see as Disney. Kids get most excited about seeing these type of characters. I do agree that they could throw in a little Mickey at the end or something though.

  • wishspirit

    I caught a bit of it at California adventure, and wasn’t particularly impressed. I guess its the same thing. I don’t mind Pixar characters, but they are becomming so huge now. Disney needs to have its own characters in at least a bit of the parade. I think i will stick to the ones at MK.

  • wishspirit

    LOVE the Bob rant!!

  • happy2go2wdwmom

    UGH—I am royally disappointed, and to quote one of my favorite Disney experts (Peter)—”Come on, folks! Disney can do better!!!!!!!” While the Stars & Motorcars parade was not my fav, it was still classic Disney and maybe just needed sprucing up–and obviously was a bit of a tough act to follow–I’m already longing for it’s return after seeing Bob’s pics and review! The new pics look very exciting and colorful and energetic, BUT it is plain to see that it needs more than those Pixar characters–I promise you it will get the thumbs down from the 7 and ups (my kids is way over Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc.—although I adore the idea of the little girl from Monster, Inc. running around in her Monster disguise). Now, maybe Disney plans to do more than one type of this street party(?),if so, then we could be back in business—like, why not have Indiana Jones cracking a whip (would promote the new movie!) and how about keeping some of the classics Genie/Aladdin and Mary Poppins, Muppets (to highlight the show there)? This reminds me of the updated El Rio Del Tiempo “upgrade”

  • brmatt08

    Mickey and the Fab 5 have become so popular at our house again with the new playhouse Disney show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I am hoping that the new parade at Hollywood studios is not a new trend. I know the people from the podcast don’t have young kids but I can tell you from personal experience that Playhouse Disney has really changed their format and my children are LOVING it. The new Mickey Mouse show has made Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and Donald superstars again. When we were at Disney that’s who the children wanted to see so I hope Disney takes this into consideration when they are putting together their new parades.

  • SamIAm

    I can see Bob’s point, but in what other parades in WDW as a whole are Pixar characters featured? I do remember them at the end of the Christmas parade during a MVMCP in the form of Buzz & Woody and Jessie, but I am not sure they are in the afternoon parade at the Magic Kingdom. And, this division between Disney and Pixar should really no longer exist. They are all Disney now. I think one parade, out of all the Disney extravaganzas throughout the day, can feature the newer Disney characters.

    Can’t they all just get along… :)

  • miss missy

    I am all about classic Disney. They should just call it Pixar Studios featuring the Pixar Parade :(

    If it was ALL inclusive, I would be OK, but MGM yes MGM I say, is all about Pixar now. I don’t like it.

  • dizneedoll

    Thanks for the review and rant Bob.
    I have seen this at DCA and do not like it at all. I’m disappointed that Disney has once again transplanted another element from one park to another instead of coming up with something new and original. And this should not even be called a “parade.” As Bob mentioned, it is mostly a show that makes a couple of stops so if you aren’t parked right in front of the planned stop area, it will just whizz right by you. It is very disheartening that there are no traditional Disney characters featured.

  • mommyceratops

    Thanks Bob! I loved the pics and review!

  • SamIAm

    Instead of thinking of it as transplanted, reused material from the West Coast to the East Coast, think about how many people wouldn’t have the opportunity to see Block Party Bash at all if it did not come to WDW. Many East Coast folks don’t have the ability to travel completely across the country to Disneyland. So, this gives another audience a chance to experience, what is for the most part, a very fun parade.

  • pperfectmom

    Another reason to take an afternoon break that day.:(

  • happy2go2wdwmom

    I would probably love this block party if it were added in addition to the Stars & Motorcade parade, but since it has replcaed the parade, I find it lacking in scope.

  • MariesMeow

    I saw this parade from your youtube post and it looks really cute but i do agree that they should have mickey mouse. I mean come on, a parade without mickey mouse? What’s up with that!

    Overall it’s a great parade but they should invite the Mouse to the party :)
    I listen to your podcasts every day and i’m always excited to hear your new podcasts :)